We answered the question, “Where’s the beef?”

Rainy season must really be here.  Over the past few days it has rained a bit in the morning, rained a bit in the afternoon, and rained a bit in the evening.  Thankfully when I met Brian for lunch on Thursday most of the torrential parts of the rain happened while we were in a restaurant.

Since I had to run an errand up to the Soi Ari area and didn’t want to cross the city to get back home I just camped out at Starbucks (having a decaf latte as part of my attempt to significantly cut back on my caffeine intake) and edited three documents for work.  Sometimes one can be productive without a computer, hard as that is to believe.

About 5:30 Kobfa met me and we went to the Foreign Correspondents’ Club to watch the 2002 Argentine film El Bonaerense by Pablo Trapero.  “El Bonaerense” is Argentine slang for both the residents of the provinces surrounding Buenos Aires as well as for the city’s police officers.  It is a gritty film about the thin line between cops and crooks.  The Argentine Ambassador, who is a big film buff, personally selected the movie from his collection and in his introductory remarks told us he chose the film because it provided an interesting comparison between Thailand and Argentina in terms of how corruption is viewed.

In a show of largesse, the ambassador also had his kitchen prepare a sampling of Argentine beef served in three forms: tender roasts served thinly sliced with an olive oil and pesto sauce; empanadas filled with beef and green olives; and large pumpkins that had been hollowed out and were filled with a beef, potato and pineapple curry-like stew.

To top it off, Wine Connection, a local retailer provided a sampling of Trivento wines from Argentina including a really nice reserve malbec.

Not only was the movie enjoyable, but now I know where the beef is! 


4 thoughts on “We answered the question, “Where’s the beef?”

  1. Talking about rainy weather, it’s been a bit crazy here in NYC. All that heat building up and whatnot leading to thunderstorms.
    ryc: that’s an actual rubber rainbow bracelet but I photoshopped the colors a bit just for aesthetic reasons for the picture

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