DSCF8907 A physically tiring week comes to an end a day early as Tawn and I head off to Hong Kong Friday morning at 8:30.  This morning I spent a few hours helping Markus and Tam get their apartment packed.  They move to a new place on Sukhumvit 10 on Saturday.  I also finished printing their commitment ceremony invitations and envelope labels.  All they have to do is tie the bows and stuff and stamp the envelopes.

Right: Wall Street Institute, a local language school that advertises heavily, showing the importance of speaking “the local tongue”.  All I can think of is the Rolling Stones.

I’m looking forward to being back in Hong Kong.  Too expensive for me to live there again, but one of my favorite cities.  Or, to speak the local tongue, favourite cities.


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  1. The name of school is “Wall Street” Institute, but the tongue in the ad is the “Union Jack”. Do they teach British or American English? 🙂

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