Health Education

Here is a series of four posters that the Ministry of Public Health have sent to schools throughout Thailand in order to educate students, particularly around issues of Bird Flu.  I think even if you can’t read Thai, you’ll get the idea:

DSCF6346-1   DSCF6345

DSCF6344  DSCF6343

In the lower left poster we learn about how we catch Bird Flu:

  • First, mysterious black birds – foreigners! – poop infected poop from the sky.
  • Then, our innocent local chickens eat the foreign bird poop.
  • Our chickens get sick and poop and vomit green stuff.
  • Then our children play with the chickens and catch the green stuff, too.

Particularly interesting, I think, is that the theme of green stuff continues in the upper right-hand poster.  If you follow the boxes from the upper left on the poster, you’ll see how the ministry explains the disease transmission process:

  • First, little sister is sick and sneezes onto her hand.
  • Then she holds hands with her brother so he gets her germs.
  • He doesn’t wash his hand before eating food so he gets sick, too.
  • Then he throws up or sneezes and his baby brother plays with the vomit/mucus and eats it.
  • So the baby gets sick and coughs on mom.
  • Mom gets sick and blows her nose with the dish towel, then dries a cup with it.
  • Dad drinks from the dirty cup and gets sick, too.
  • Et voila, you have an entire family down with the flu.

Friends, don’t let this happen to you!  Follow the steps in the upper left and lower right posters!


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