Sunday Soufflé

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you start your day at 3:00 am.  Tawn came home from his parents’ house at 2:00 Sunday morning after having had a very good conversation with his father about a dozen different subjects.  Since Tawn didn’t have his house keys with him, he rang me up to come open the door.  After settling in, he debriefed me on the conversation by which time my brain was fully awake and active again.  So when Tawn decided to hit the hay at 3:00 I was unable to get back to sleep.

Really, you can accomplish a lot if you start at 3:00.  The internet connection, which has been noticeably impaired since the Taipei earthquake several weeks ago, zips right along in the middle of the night.  I was able to complete another ten pages of my yearbook project on Shutterfly, which normally requires laboriously long and sometimes incomplete downloads.

Of course I was a little bit tired by the time the sun rose, but by then I was in the car with two bicycles strapped on the back, on my way to pick up Markus.  We did a shorter than usual 20 km ride out near Minburi in a morning with air so humid you could top a latte with a scoop of it.  Speaking of which, since we rode less than normal that afforded time for a coffee before he headed off to church.


Okay, I’m not superman: I did have a twenty minute power nap after I came home.  Then Tawn and I met Tod for lunch at Bug and Bee, Otto and Han’s little find in the Silom area.  The food is tasty but you can’t be in a rush, for the service is erratic.  After lunch we plugged in our laptops and Tod and I developed the examination we’re going to administer to the students this week.  Nearing the end of the academic year in Thailand (another seven weeks or so) Ajarn Yai has asked us to assess the students as part of their overall progress report.

I’ll talk a bit more about the examination on Wednesday, but I think it will sufficiently measure the skills of spelling, recognizing written vocabulary, recognizing spoken vocabulary, reading, pronunciation, and constructing sentences.  We have set up different groups of vocabulary for grades 1-3 and for grades 4-6 and these are hopefully of sufficient difficulty to identify higher-performing students while still allowing below-performing students to get some parts correct.  Don’t want any “zeros.”


DSCF5721 For some reason, after lunch we decided to run errands up on Thanon Ratchadapisek, which is what our street (Asoke) becomes when it crosses the Rama IX expressway.  Traffic can be messy up there and sure enough, it was heavy.  We inched our way to Carrefour and HomePro, fought the crowds inside, and then inched our way back home.  Inching aside, I decided to whip up a nice Sunday dinner: Emmental cheese souffle, fried mixed sausages, and mixed green salad. 

The secret to the souffle is to keep it simple by using Jacques Pepin’s recipe from his mother, which she created as a new bride before anyone taught her that the egg whites are meant to be separated and beaten.  Since there is no separation and beating, two more laborious steps are removed yet the results turn out just as beautifully.


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