On the Seventh Day of Christmas

Yesterday Tawn and I met Peter and Andrew for dinner over at Cafe de Laos.  It was really nice visiting with them and afterwards Peter, Tawn and I had a drink at the “Triple 2” botique hotel on Silom.

Of course even though I broght my camera along I forgot to take a picture.

This morning I woke up at six… why?… and worked on my trip reports from Novembers flights to Melbourne and back.  If you’d like to read them, part 1 is here and part 2 is here.  The picture here is of the amuse bush offered on Austrian Airlines’ Melbourne to Singapore flight.

Today I think I’m going to attempt the culinary equivalent of scaling K-2: making croissants.  Tawn’s request.  The recipe has several steps that stretch over two days.  We’ll see how it goes.  Stay tuned.


DSCF4929 Above: Khrungthep at night looking south towards the Kasikorn Bank headquarters (white outlined building to the right of center) and the new mega-bridge project (pink towers to left of center on horizon).

In the evening we met up with Peter and Teh.  Peter’s in town from Penang on his way back to Shanghai and Teh is a Penang native.  We started out at Scirocco on the 64th floor of the State Tower, one of two skyscraper rooftop bars and restaurants in the Big Mango, the other being Vertigo at the Banyan Tree. 

Our timing was quite good as we arrived just after sunset so the sky was still a nice color.

Right: Teh, Tawn and Peter in front of the golden dome at Scirocco.

Our visit was really nice and after a few drinks and running in to Tawn’s friend Kathy (whose sunset wedding on the beach in Phuket we went to in September) and her husband Dan, just back in town from Koh Chang and on their way home to Hong Kong.  I took one look at Kathy and new what she was about to tell Tawn: sure enough, she’s expecting!  Very good news.

DSCF4951 After dinner we took at cab to Yaworat – Chinatown – and ate seafood at one of the street-side restaurants that magically appear after the sun goes down and the normal businesses close.  The salted baked whitefish and the grilled prawns are fantastic.

Left: Chris and Peter eating on the street in Chinatown.  Below: Tawn and Teh with Thanon Charoen Khrung right behind them.

Peter and Teh will be heading home on Monday morning so we may not see them again, but Shanghai and Penang are both on our list of “would like to go to” destinations.



4 thoughts on “On the Seventh Day of Christmas

  1. WOW! that’s one BIG prawn on a Kueh Pai Ti! Looks yummy!
    RYC: I have to stay in London for the sake of my studies and future career in fashion. In that industry, the sun does not rise in the east.

  2. Chris – I’m not an a.net member so can’t leave comments over there, but GREAT WORK on the trip reports!!
    Sorry my mates at aussie immigration gave you a hard time.  I always try my hardest not to be a wiseguy and try to give as “normal” answers to their lame questions as I can.
    I was interested to read about SQ’s J service – particularly the habit of not refilling drinks.  Having never flown SQ J myself, it was a great read.  Sounds like you had a good experience with OS overall – it is a pity they are pulling their Australian flights soon especially just after introducing new aircraft with a brand new J product.  They were the only European carrier left flying into Australia!!
    I know the feeling of your heart leaping when you hear that “sawadee-kha” at the door of a Thai flight after you’ve been out of Thailand for a period.
    Sounds like your friend was the perfect foodie guide in MEL.  Funny how your OS flight attendant found the week-end papers to be huge.  That must be an aussie thing – we live for our week-end papers.  They have enough reading material to sustain for days afterward.  I used to miss them everytime I picked up a copy of the slim Saturday or Sunday edition of the Bangkok Post!

  3. Wow Chris, Krung Thep looks AMAZING! I really must go there one day! 🙂
    Off to read your trip report now – it was from one of your trip reports that I first discovered your blog, and consequently discovered Xanga! The rest, as they say, is history.

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