On the Fifth Day of Christmas


We had an incredibly awesome sunrise

I received news that my Grandfather has been moved to a skilled rehab facility to help him with recover from his broken hip and shattered right elbow.  Grandma reports that both a physical therapist and an occupational therapist (huh?  he’s retired!) have already been in to work with him and that he is in good spirits with little pain.

As of 5:00 pm I’ve spent the entire day in front of the computer working on a training presentation.  Thankfully it is Friday and we have dinner plans with visiting friends this evening.

Finally, after two separate phone calls to United Airlines reservations – both very helpful ladies – Tawn and I have an itinterary booked for our March trip back to the United States.  Now some of you will think this is lunacy, but I think it is a sweet itinerary (even in Economy the whole way):

Saturday 17 March

THAI 640 (B777) Departs Bangkok 00:50, Arrives Tokyo Narita 08:30

(Daytime to visit the town of Narita for fresh ramen, where Tawn spent a lot of time as a flight attendant.)

UA 852 (B777) Departs Tokyo Narita 17:55, Arrives San Francisco 11:00

(Several days to visit friends and at least make an appearance at the 25th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival!)

Tuesday 20 March

UA 842 (B737) Departs San Francisco 08:42, Arrives Denver 12:13

UA 7506 (EMB170) Departs Denver 13:21, Arrives Kansas City 13:53

(Five days to visit family and celebrate the birthdays, a wee bit early, for my grandmother and oldest niece)

Sunday 25 March

UA 7379 (CRJ700) Departs Kansas City 06:08 (yikes!), Arrives Chicago 07:29

UA 1102 (B737) Departs Chicago 09:00, Arrives Toronto 11:34

(Overnight in Toronto, first time Tawn has ever been to Canada)

Monday 26 March

AC 15 (A340-500) Departs Toronto 10:35, Arrives Hong Kong 14:30 the next day

(Six hours in Hong Kong to go see Tehlin and Chris’ new baby)

THAI 607 (B777) Departs Hong Kong 20:45, Arrives Bangkok 22:30


So in what is ostensibly just a trip to San Francisco and Kansas City, we’ve managed through some creative routing to build in mini-visits to Japan, Toronto and Hong Kong!  Plus we get to try Air Canada’s nonstop Toronto-Hong Kong service, which is their equivalent of the Singapore Airlines New York-Singapore or THAI’s New York-Bangkok.


4 thoughts on “On the Fifth Day of Christmas

  1. you get that early that you can see sunrise? so you just show up at the film festival instead of being the backbone? Well, it will be good to see you. 🙂

  2. Chris, I can appreciate the sweetness of the flight itinerary… you should be looking forward to AC’s 345 service.  Just surfing over to a.net now to read your MEL trip reports.

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