But not arriving yet…

Received a call from a 310 area code about 4:00 pm Bangkok time and it turned out to be my parents.  Their flight out of Kansas City was delayed first because of a late arriving crew the night before (that’s happened several times to me, I think the last crew arriving at night shouldn’t be the first crew scheduled out in the morning – it causes too many delays) and then because of weather.  By the time they arrived in Chicago they had missed their two flights to Tokyo.

After checking with THAI Airways, they were told that the nonstop out of Los Angeles looked good if they could get to LAX.  So they got on a flight out of Chicago bound for LAX and then sat on the tarmac after leaving the gate for a few hours.  So they missed the THAI flight and will spend the night near the LAX airport.

The flight from LAX to Tokyo tomorrow looks full but the San Francisco flights look better.  So they will fly up to SFO first thing in the morning and then try to make the connections to arrive in Bangkok by Friday evening.  The joys of flying stand-by – if there’s room you travel virtually for free even in First Class.  If there are delays, there are no protections for you.  C’est la vie.

Hopefully they will get on the flight out of SFO and get First Class seats so they can relax.

I haven’t heard from my Uncle Ken so I’m assuming he’s en route from Tokyo to Bangkok.  According to the NWA.com website the flight departed Narita five minutes early and is scheduled to arrive on time at 11:51 pm.

Quick scramble to change reservations, cancelling the stay Friday night in Cha-am, a beach town south of Khrungthep, and adding a night to the reservations at the hotel here in the city. 


5 thoughts on “But not arriving yet…

  1. With this being my father’s first trip outside the US in 30 years and the first one outside North America, I’m a bit concerned that this will put him off international travel in the future.
    Of course, the rest of the story is that my uncle, who was a former Northwest Airlines employee, decided not to fly stand-by and used his 20% employee discount to buy a business class ticket.  He arrived on time last night.

  2. Ah yes, the stand-by game. I haven’t yet tried flying stand-by internationally yet. I have enough trouble flying in and out of JFK. Too bad I have to work late tonight. I’d love to drive up to LAX to have some dinner with your parents. Tell them hi for me when they arrive.

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