More Visitors are Coming

Sometime about three hours ago, my parents and my uncle Ken departed from Kansas City on their longer than day-long journey to Khrungthep.  Ken is flying Northwest through Minneapolis, Portland, and Tokyo Narita.  My parents will fly United through Chicago and Tokyo Narita.  Both routes are scheduled to get them to Khrungthep within twenty minutes of each other, just before midnight Thursday night.

Almost all the plans are made… a few things are left such as renting a van for our Wednesday trip to teach at Bangkhonthiinai (more about that in a second) and arranging for a tour guide for some trips while they are in town.

Also, I’d like to make dinner reservations at a restaurant on the river for the evening of the King’s birthday, December 5th, but every attempt to call the restaurant results in no answer to the phone.

Ajarn Yai, the principal at the school where I teach, spent the better part of yesterday afternoon pestering me not to forget about the plans to bring my family and visiting friends to the school next Wednesday.  It seems the locals have some major things planned for us and if I forgot to show up it would be bad.


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