Changi Airport Gets Deserted at 4am!

It is now 6:36 am Singapore time and I’m sitting at Pacific Coffee in Terminal 1, waiting for the THAI Airways check-in system to come back online so I can get a seat assignment for the 7:40 am flight up to Bangkok.

I spent the night at the transit hotel located inside the terminal.  The budget room is S$40 for six hours and is a little like a nice YMCA room: two meters by three with a small TV, small bed, and small desk… and almost no floor space.  The bathrooms are down the hall and the shower facilities are in the gym, also down the hall.

Four hours of sleep was about all I could manage in one block, with maybe another sixty minutes or so of half-asleep/half-awake time.  But it was better than nothing and I’m sure I’ll make it through the day well enough.

I’m ready to be back home, though.  Loved being in Melbourne but miss Tawn.  I’ll be glad to be on a THAI Airways flight, where I can read the THAI articles (correction, I can practice reading them!) and speak in Thai, a langugae that hopefully hasn’t completely evaporated in a week.

My report for this trip was largely completed last night on the Austrian Airways flight up from Melbourne, so I should have it posted before Mom, Dad and Uncle Ken arrive on Thursday evening.

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