Announcement: The Excitement is Over

Please be advised that the excitement related to our recent coup d’etat is officially over.  Unless you are a junkie for Thai political news, there really isn’t much more to see or talk about.  So unless we have any developments, I think I’ll just move on to other stories.

Thursday evening, we joined Jack, David, Prince, Eddy, Ble, and Jack’s friend Tui for dinner at Rakhanthong, a seafood restaurant across the river from Thammasat University, which is upriver from the Grand Palace.  The occassion was the early celebration of Jack’s birthday, which isn’t for three weeks but David will be out of town by then.

DSCF0990 The river-front restaurant has a deck that offers a view of the Grand Palace and Wat Pho (reclining Buddha) as well as Wat Arun.  Less spectacular than The Deck, as they are further away, but nice nonetheless.  The real attraction is the food: very good seafood along with the lightest, most flavourfull fried chicken (marinated in fish sauce) I’ve had.  The total bill for eight of us was something like 2700 baht – maybe US$70.  Really quite spectacular.

Right: Jack blows out candles on not one but two cakes, as David looks on.

Jack’s friend Tui had studied in Brisbane, OZ and has been back in Thailand for a few years now.  It turns out that Tawn introduced me to him once when we were out on Soi 2, but that was many years ago and I didn’t specifically recall.  Anyhow, he was a nice enough person.  The real attraction, though, was seeing Prince.  This francophone friend of Tawn’s is a really delightful individual and offers a lot of substance in addition to his light-hearted gossiping and cattiness (which is de rigeur with that group).  He’s one of Tawn’s friends with whom I can have a serious conversation.

Unfortunately we don’t see Prince very often – this is the second time since I moved here.  He lives on the outskirts of the city, Nonthanburi, and teaches up at Rangsit University – closer to Ayutthaya than to Khrungthep.


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