My Computer is On the Way


  • 25 August  10:45  Computer arrives at my apartment and I am home to pay the duty fees and collect it.

Now all I have to do is hook it up, reload all the various software, and try to connect to my employer’s VPN.

  • 21 August  15:15  Clearance Delay – Bangkok, TH
  • 21 August  04:39  In Transit – Package Availalbe for Clearance – Bangkok, TH
  • 21 August  03:55  Arrived Sort Facility – Bangkok, TH
  • 21 August  00:49  Departed FedEx location – Subic Bay Freeport, PH 
  • 20 August  00:40  In Transit – Subic Bay Freeport, PH
  • 19 August  20:53  Arrived FedEx Location – Subic Bay Freeport, PH
  • 19 August  08:57  In Transit – Paperwork Available – Bangkok, TH
  • 18 August  10:50  Departed Fed Ex location – Anchorage, AK US
  • 18 August  07:26  Arrived FedEx location – Anchorage, AK, US
  • 18 August  02:13  Departed Fed Ex location – Memphis, TN, US
  • 18 August  01:03  Arrived FedEx location – Memphis, TN, US
  • 17 August  17:39  Left origin location – San Francisco, CA, US
  • 17 August  11:57  Picked up – San Francsico, CA, US

Okay, this is interesting.  The green highlighted lines didn’t appear on the FedEx website until today (Wednesday 23 August).  What was the delay in the information getting into the system?


5 thoughts on “My Computer is On the Way

  1. > Why would there be porn on a new laptop coming from my company?Oh, these days there is a lot of pre-installed junk on laptops. Everybody offers Norton; by offering porn the company might try to differentiate itself from its competitors. Gee, I have a whicked mind. If I just could turn this into productive ideas that make me rich. Maybe I should become a porn producer. Hmmm ..

  2. Well, I thought that’s why they hold your laptop for inspection. 🙂 RYC: that’s why he was called insane – and you don’t call anybody who got a nipple rings insane, do you? 🙂

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