Tara’s First Birthday

Sunday afternoon Tawn and I drove up to Ayuttahya province, about an hour north of Bangkok, to the country estate of Pim’s parents.  Pim, Tawn’s friend since high school, is the mother of a adorable one-year old who serves as my surrogate niece here in Thailand since my two nieces are 8,000 miles away.

The estate, called Khum Tawan, means “Estate of the Sun” and is a very large complex with a lake, a canal, large gardens, and an entertainment villa overlooking the lake.  It is very nice.

Here are some pictures and a video segment I shot.


Left: Tawn and Pim   Right: Tawn and Chris   Below: Tara and her nanny play with her mobile phone

Above: Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Tara, and Dad.  Below Left: Tara and her cake  Below Right: Tawn, Tara and Pim with Tara’s birthday present from us.


The video is quite large, about 13mb.

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