Three Day Solo

As he was heading on a three-day press junket to Seoul, I dropped Tawn off at Don Muang International Airport about 22:00 Monday evening.  Traffic was a mess once we pulled off the expressway and it was frustrating after an evening of rushing around to suddenly grind to a halt.  We made it to Terminal 1 soon enough and he jumped out, grabbed his bag, and went to meet the two journalists he would be escorting.

Edging the car back into the slow stream of traffic, I headed back to the expressway for the thirty-minute ride back into the city.  When driving around town, especially by myself, I’m always a bit fearful.  I’m not carrying my international driver’s license (should put it in the car, shouldn’t I?), it isn’t even officially stamped by the Thai DMV, and my name isn’t the same as the one on the car’s registration.  If I was pulled over, I don’t know if two hundred baht would be enough to get me out of the scrape.

Working from home has its plusses and minuses.  Not having a separate room to use as an office, I get a little stir crazy.  I work in the living/dining/kitchen room and after a while I need another point of view.  Sometimes I take Tawn’s laptop (smaller than mine and not hooked up to an external monitor) and go to Starbucks or somewhere, but so many of them don’t have any electrical outlets.  Plus, if you’re working by yourself and you have to go to the haang naam you have to shut everything down, go, and then return hoping your seat by the electrical outlet is still there.  A little less than convenient.

I’m also surprised by the waves of productive and nonproductive time.  Some afternoons I just can’t focus and don’t get a whole lot done.  Other afternoons I’m tearing through projects, the direction is really clear, and I suddenly look up to discover it is eight or nine in the evening.  Why is that?

Last night, after a productive afternoon, I met up with Tod at Siam Paragon (c’mon, it is halfway between our houses) for a 19:30 screening of 16 Blocks starring Bruce Willis and Mos Def, preceeded by a light bite of dinner downstairs in the food court.  The movie was pretty entertaining despite a few glaring holes in the plot.  Mos Def is a talented actor.


4 thoughts on “Three Day Solo

  1. working from home needs real discipline… yes, Asian Film Festival is not only operated better, but also has better films. why didn’t you go to Seoul as well? Such a fun place to visit… and eat.

  2. Only 200 Baht? Come on! Don’t insult the officer. At least 1000 Baht! And, no need to be defensive about Siam Paragon. It’s a fun place to hang, especially the food court. It’s not as if it’s like Babylon.

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