Nescafe Rally

Odd sight on the way to work today.  Walking along Soi Asoke, which is a major thoroughfare into the heart of the city, there was a promotional stunt occurring for Nescafe instant coffee.  Both sides of the street were lined with people wearing Nescafe t-shirts, holding placards and signs, and chanting pro-Nescafe slogans.  There were groups of people, four to a group, wearing a single large shirt between them, with a banner hanging on the front.  It really looked like a political rally or something, and stretched over about three blocks.

Given the number of cars just sitting there, inching into town, visibility for the brand was high.

If only I had brought my camera with me!

Related in an unrelated way, once of the students at class announced that she had heard that there will be a large rally at Lumpini Park on February 4th, organized by opponents of Prime Minister Thaksin.  She said – although I have not found any verification of this story searching online – that at a similar rally last year several people were shot.  Might be worth grabbing the camera, going for a look-see, and staying clear of anyone with a gun.

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