2018 – a year in the air

As 2019 begins, I took a few minutes to look back and see how my travels for 2018 looked. As much as it felt like I was traveling a great deal, my actual number of flights was not much higher than last year and I flew fewer miles by far.

2018 travels 2

  • 2018: 54 flights flown – 76,263 miles
  • 2017: 52 flights flown – 94,240 miles
  • 2016: 59 flights flown – 92,234 miles

I had many more short flights to nearby destinations such as Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong and fewer long-distance flights: only one Europe trip this past year and no trips to Australia and New Zealand. 

My best flight experience last year included the free, unexpected upgrade on EVA Air from Toronto to Taipei. They moved Tawn and me from Premium Economy to Business Class and for such a long flight, it was greatly appreciated. 

Who knows what this year has in store. As much as I love to travel, it would be okay if the number of flights didn’t increase!

5 thoughts on “2018 – a year in the air

  1. Don’t think I’ve seen the globe from that angle before – it’s cool how the focus is on the body of water between the Old World and USA. Australia is completely non-existent, just like how it had been so for the rest of the world for a long time lol

    You fly heaps!

  2. That was really nice of EVA to upgrade both your seats. Maybe someone there reads your blog or IG. I’ve never had a free upgrade before.

    What are your vacation plans for this year?

    • I think the Premium Economy cabin was oversold and they saw that Tawn and I were both Star Gold status so an easy choice for them to upgrade. Plus Tawn was dressed so elegantly. =D

      This year we are hoping to go to Greece with my parents in late May. Tawn will have two trips to Europe for Fashion Week. I will probably not be able to join for those. And maybe back to the US around Christmas.

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