Welcome to the year of the dog

The Chinese and other lunar calendars in East Asia are based on a twelve-year cycle, with each year being represented by an animal. This year, which began Feb 16, is the year of the dog. It also represents the completion of my fourth cycle, for I will turn 48 later this year.

A friend who has known me several years was surprised by that information. “You will be 48 this year? Really?” I am not sure if he expected me to be younger or older.

A couple of younger colleagues were commenting that they, too, are born in the year of the dog. I quickly realized they are completing only their second cycle.

Based on my grandparents’ longevity, there is a reasonable chance that I should make it to my eighth cycle, so I am about halfway along this journey.

The being older doesn’t bother me – this is the natural course of things. I do notice that I am increasingly aware of my age: I am conscious that I am working and interacting with people whose reference points are significantly different than mine.

The thing I am most aware of is the realization that the further you travel through life, the more you realize how little you really know. Youth comes with unearned certainty. Age brings experience and a measure of wisdom in the form of humility: What could I know about life? I am still living it.

In any case, I will celebrate this year as a milestone and endeavor to learn as much from it as possible. Happy year of the dog. May it bring you prosperity, good health and great happiness.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the year of the dog

  1. A nice and pensive post. I particularly relate to the part about interacting with younger people whose reference point is different. One of the guys on my team is 23 and realise how many things I’ve experienced that he hasn’t. But agree even with age there is still so much to learn and experience.

    I wish you all the best in this year of the dog.

  2. Best wishes for good health and prosperity in the year of the dog. I’ve always liked your thoughtful, mature outlook. It’s been awhile since you blogged and I wish you have more time to write. I think life is constantly teaching me lessons but there are so many times when I’m not a good student.

  3. Really good to read a blog of yours again. Happy year of the dog! I don’t get life, either. I thought the confusion stage was just a 20s thing, but it turns out it’s not haha

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