Thai street food: khanom tang taek

There was a time when I wrote a lot more about Thai street food. In the years since I had to stop working from home and started getting a real job, I’ve had a lot less time to write – but rest assured I haven’t stopped enjoying Thai street food! In the past few months, I’ve discovered a tasty treat that I had not encountered in more than ten years here: a snack named after a broken barrel.

Called “khanom tang taek” this snack is basically a pancake cooked in a deep pan, filled with shredded fresh coconut, black sesame seeds and sugar.


Baked until crisp, it is folded in half (the breaking of the “barrel”) and served while still warm.


It isn’t the fastest treat to make, perhaps one of the reasons you see so few street vendors making it. But the flavor and texture and wonderful and I count myself lucky to have a vendor who is regularly found at lunchtime across the street from my office.


15 thoughts on “Thai street food: khanom tang taek

    • Actually, some of it has been more of a technical issue. Blogging from my phone is not very convenient. Home computer is slow and the last thing I think about when getting back home. I need a more convenient way to blog.

      • Do you use a smart phone? I do a lot of blogging from my phone but if the post is gonna have photos I will edit the post on a computer after.

      • I do have a smart phone and have done some posting from there, but find that writing any significant amount on a phone is a pain. Still a keyboard kind of guy for that.

  1. Wow coconut and black sesame sounds selfish. There is a Malaysian restaurant near me that sells a pancake just like this but with a sweet corn mixture in it instead.

  2. i hope to get a chance to give it a try someday. this looks good as breakfast. i imagine this would be a great dessert with coconut ice cream added 🙂

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