Putting My Match Down

Friday morning I posted an offer designed to encourage more people to contribute to the “Relaunch Xanga” crowd-funding effort. My offer was to match the next five contributions to a total of $240 – equivalent to five one-year memberships in Xanga. Additionally, I offered to make those memberships available to people who felt they could not afford to pay for blogging on the new Xanga 2.0 platform.

In the three days since that offer, an additional $1,335 was contributed so this morning I pulled out my credit card, went to the crowd-funding site, and added my $240 to the pot. The total is $1,975 contributed in three days, bringing us to $32,728 – 54.5% of our goal of $60,000.

Sunday evening, Alex (@roadlesstaken) interviewed Xanga CEO John on his BlogTalkRadio channel (recorded podcast here). Hearing the interview, there are a few areas where I feel like he and the team haven’t taken some easy steps to raise awareness – splash screen or large banner on the Xanga.com home page, perhaps. At the same time, I also understand that they aren’t doing this because it makes them a lot of money. Instead, they are committed to the community that exists here at Xanga, the same reason I am willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If you are a member of the community and you haven’t contributed to the relaunch of Xanga, your help would be very much appreciated! Click here to contribute. The deadline is July 15.


0 thoughts on “Putting My Match Down

  1. John did say he will begin some more aggressive marketing/messaging this week, so I hope that’s true. Looks like he’s waiting on posting his big Xanga 2.0 post before moving forward.

  2. I just finished listening to the radio show. I like what I hear. It was only $31K and change when I started to listen to the show and it’s $32,776K now.

  3. @TheTheologiansCafe – Yes, it would be beneficial for everyone to hear the story from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. The vision of Xanga 2.0 is a compelling one.@ElusiveWords – Hopefully, what John had to say will help people get off the fence and contribute.@ZSA_MD – @WrappedinWishes2 – And thanks to both of you for what you have done. It truly takes a community!@Roadlesstaken – Seems like a banner add would be a good start! But will appreciate anything that comes along to help spread the work.

  4. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, only read the transcript on Roadlesstaken’s site (reads a little like Siri transcripted it LOL). Do I understand it correctly that the one time payment of $ 48 will not do it subsequently? Or are the overall 60k enough for the next, say, ten years?

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