Tea at the Erawan Hotel

Over the Songkran holidays in the middle of April, we were treated to the visit of several friends, many of whom I first met through Xanga. One afternoon, some of us gathered for tea in the lobby of the Erawan Hotel. Afternoon tea is one of those treats I enjoy because it is relaxing and provides a sense of sophistication. In fact, in the afternoons during fifth and sixth grade, I would go to my friend David’s house after school. His mother always served milk tea and freshly baked croissant, which I think ignited my appreciation for afternoon tea.

The Erawan, a Grand Hyatt hotel, is conveniently located in the center of Bangkok and its tea service is surprisingly affordable. About 450 Bt (US$15) gets you a large pot of tea and a tall tray of snacks, more than enough for two people to share. A string trio plays in the corner of the lobby, the service is attentive in keeping with Thai custom, and there is no rush. You can spend an hour or two just feeling pampered and very refined.

In researching this entry, I learned that I have been incorrectly using the term “high tea”. This type of afternoon loose leaf tea with cakes and small sandwiches is actually “low tea”. “High tea” refers to a more complete meal that is served in the early evening. Thanks, Wikipedia


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  1. When TD and I were younger we used to go to the Three Sisters Tea House for afternoon tea and we enjoyed the break from our day to sit and relax. The Tea House was located along the docks over by the 28th street landing and we would sit and watch the tugs come and go, as they escorted the ships through the channels of the bay out to sea.It went out of business several years ago when the last of the sisters passed away and the building was torn down and replaced by the bio feed plant.I remember those days with much warmth.Your afternoon tea treat looks just as relaxing and peaceful.

  2. I’ve stayed at the Grand Hyatt quite a few times but never had the beautiful afternoon tea. Something to think about when I’m in Bangkok in August and again in October.

  3. @venice – Yes, you should definitely try the tea while you are there. Very nice.@Wangium – Glad it arrived. Actually, meaning to follow it up with a proper letter. Pls let me know when your address changes and to what.@ElusiveWords – Especially if you don’t get to dinner until 8 or 9…@Nostra_Damus – Exactly, that’s why it is such an elaborate ritual.@Fatcat723 – How does the saying go? Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper. If you have tea, you might have only enough appetite to dine like a pauper come the evening meal!@GoneRetired – It really is a treat.@Grannys_Place – It sounds like the tea house must have been a lovely place. Such a shame it came to an end!

  4. Thailand is great, but was too too hot when I visited at this time last year. The food was wonderful and at a even better bargain price. That tower of food reminds me of the cafe I stopped near Asoke and Sukhumvit Rd. Turns out it was an all you can eat breakfast buffet. Yum Yum.

  5. That looks delicious! And affordable for such a classy place haha. It reminds me of a tea place in San Francisco, I think it’s called Lovejoy’s Tea Room? So classy haha.

  6. Seems like the decor is pretty much the same since my last stay, I still recall the wood floor and furnishings at the Erawan! Very nice and relaxing with the super high ceiling!

  7. @Devilzgaysianboi – We had five of us sharing two trays, so no leftovers.@stepaside_loser – I could have used a few more savory items, too.@CurryPuffy – While they’ve kept it in good shape, it has been a while since a remodel.@snowjunky8 – Next time you’re in town!@grannykaren – @grannykaren – It was very nice.@hilabpartnerxD – Is that the one on Church street down around 25th or 26th street?@koan – “Too hot” pretty much describes Thailand (at least, the Bangkok portion of it) most anytime in the year! =D

  8. don’t care if it’s low or high tea. i could easily have it for breakfast or late night supper. as long as there’s scones, i’m happy.

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