Waiting to Depart

Sitting in the THAI Airways lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport, waiting for boarding time. This trip is for three nights in Kuala Lumpur to renew my visa.

Each year, when it comes time to renew my visa, I am filled with this pervasive, although low-level, anxiety. What if my visa isn’t approved?

Even though my paperwork is in order, there is always the possibility that an embassy officer, in a fit if capriciousness, could deny my application. That would throw a spanner in the proverbial works!

Of course, that anxiety is irrational. The trip will go smoothly. Tomorrow morning, I will arrive an hour before the embassy opens. The wait will not be too long and since my paperwork is in order, it will be accepted with no hassle. The following afternoon, I will return to collect my passport, a new visa adhered in it. In between, I will enjoy some authentic Malaysian food with friends.

Despite knowing that, the anxiety persists.

0 thoughts on “Waiting to Depart

  1. Why didn’t you apply for the visa when you had come here last month Chris? Would it have taken longer. I thought just getting out of Bangkok and going to another country would bring about the matter of a new visa to end. Sorry to know that you had to make that trip to Malaysia. All the best. I am not worried about you getting it.

  2. next year, let me know in advance. who knows, if my schedule allows, i could join you and tawn for culinary adventures in KL ๐Ÿ™‚ hope it went well.

  3. @rudyhou – Certainly. In fact, I should keep you appraised of any travels in the greater SE Asia area, huh?@icepearlz – @making_a_comeback_05 – @slmret – Well, I did get a visa, but only a 90-day single entry. I need a one-year, multiple entry visa so will have to go to the Immigration Department in Thailand and see if it can be modified. Otherwise, a trip back to the US will be required this summer.@ZSA_MD – I should have taken care of it while in the US, but the trip was originally scheduled too short to allow enough time for a visa renewal. When we expanded it by a few days, all my paperwork was in Thailand and not with me.@Inciteful – Sorry, I didn’t explain clearly. I need a Thai visa, which must be applied for at a Thai embassy or consulate outside of Thailand. Kuala Lumpur is the closest location that can provide my type of work visa.@I_love_Burma – There is always the eating to comfort me.@ElusiveWords – I guess we’re just both too “farang” huh? @l0311879l – Exactly – even if all your documentation is in order, the officer can still choose not to let you have the visa on a capricious whim.@Fatcat723 – Yeah, I don’t know if I want to take the risk of trying that approach!@Grannys_Place – Thanks – it seems the good vibes helped.

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