Two Tidbits

While I organize my photos and videos from the US trip, let me post these two tidbits to keep you entertained.

The first is a picture of what qualifies as a drive-up window here in Bangkok. A stretch of sidewalk (outside a 7-11, nonetheless!) is filled with vendors selling all manner of food. A man on a motorbike pulls up at the curb, orders something from a vendor, and she packages to go. Two minutes later, he speeds off with his dinner. Can you imagine In-N-Out burger working this quickly?

And in the “Thinglish Example of the Day” category, here was the stage backdrop at the recent first anniversary of the Terminal 21 shopping mall. Yes, they are celebrating “NO 1st”. In all fairness, ordinal numbers are confusing and in Thai are no different from cardinal numbers, using only a simple prefix to distinguish them from cardinal numbers.


0 thoughts on “Two Tidbits

  1. I wonder how these street stalls claim their territory? There must be some type of protocol (he who shouts the loudest?). And is Terminal 21 a “Hip Destination”?

  2. Burger King should take look at Bangkok’s drive-up service. That said, it does make a difference when the lady wrapping the order is also the owner.

  3. i have yet to visit terminal 21 in bangkok. never had enough free time when i’m there. by the way, looks like you have a secret admirer 🙂 – rabiya.

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