Let Them Eat Cake


Not only is “Let them eat cake” the phrase commonly misattributed to Marie Antoinette, it is also the name of a cute patisserie and dessert bar on Sukhumvit Soi 20 in Bangkok.


Dessert shops are plentiful in the City of Angels but most western style desserts are rarely worth the calories they contain. Let Them Eat Cake proves to be a delicious exception.


Located in one of the “community lifestyle malls” – smaller, open air shopping centers that have sprung up across Bangkok like mushrooms after the rain – Let Them Eat Cake is charmingly decorated but a little small. Waits can get long at key times so come early or be prepared to wait.


I am sorry to say that I don’t remember the names of each of the desserts we tried. I do know that this is a chocolate St. Honoré, an elegant combination of puff pastry, creme filling, and caramel.


A tart of some sort with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Don’t know if I ever tried this or just took a picture!


A tarte au citron – lemon tarte. Was tasty but I found the crust a bit tough.


I don’t remember what this pink, rose-shaped dessert was. A gelatine and with something inside, I think.

All in all, Let Them Eat Cake offered better, more authentic French style pastries than a lot of shops here in Bangkok. I look forward to my next visit and I promise to take more careful notes – and to sample a wider variety of desserts!


0 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. Someone please hand me a bib as i am drooling. Oh my I would absolutely without a doubt waddle out of there.Great shots and no fair to tease us with those yummy looking treats<:)

  2. Dieters would hope that the place gets guilliotined but basically humans get a lot of temptations to fight. I wonder if you would rather go to France for pastries or the Netherlands?

  3. I find that the French and the Italian has one of the most creative cake baker/creator.Not only the cakes are tasting delicious, but they way they do the decorations are brilliant.Almost very artictic in some way! Just like the Japanese do.The Germans cakes I find to be boring, plain and sometimes too normal and dry too. Few cakes are good and I find others are as bad as their looks! LOLOh! The pink one does look yummy there.

  4. i love pastry establishments like these – they really do take the concept of food being art to the next level. i especially liked the gelatinous looking rose one. when i do go there, i will certainly try this place!

  5. @M_1 – Good question. I enjoy them indoors in an air conditioned environment. No need to expose them to the heat!@l0311879l – I wish I could recall what, exactly, that rose-shaped dessert was. I don’t even remember if it was a cake or a panna cotta type dessert, although that seems unlikely.@Sherrie_de_Valeria – Come to think of it, have I ever had a German pastry? Hmm… dunno.@PPhilip – Haven’t been to the Netherlands nor tried their pastries, so can’t say which place I would prefer to visit.@f5ye_angel5 – Those who stand and stare risk getting run over by those who are more quick about eating!@armnatmom – There are times I wish I could better resist the temptation of sweets.@radio03 – @Inciteful – @firetyger – @theartofsexy – @dawn_1o9 – @Grannys_Place – @ZSA_MD – @ElusiveWords – @awoolham – @murisopsis – @Fatcat723 – @chronic_masticator – @nov_way – Thanks for your comments. The shop could be renamed “House of Temptation” for all the gluttony it provokes! @isitreal_no – It is pretty far into Sukhumvit Soi 20 on the right-hand side. Part of a lifestyle mall called Mille Malle. Please let me know if you need any recommendations for your Bangkok trip.

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