A Proposal to Reduce Xanga Spam

My blog receives an ever-increasing quantity of spam comments. The comments are usually incoherent, sometimes just text copied from my entry, and always include a link to whatever site the commenter is trying to promote. These comments take a lot of time to delete and are annoying. This seems like a problem that Xanga should be able to help us solve or, at least, manage.

What current options exist to help me deal with this spam? I could enable the sign-in lock feature, but many of the commenters set up a Xanga profile before commenting. I could enable friends lock, but that restricts people who want to view my blog without signing up for Xanga and sending me a friend request. My grandparents, for example. 

I’ve thought of two potential solutions that Xanga could implement:

  • Introduce a feature, similar to YouTube’s and other blogging sites’, where comments must first be approved before being posted. This moderation would make it easier to quickly delete spam comments.
  • Alternatively, any comments that contain a link in them (or, alternatively, comments that contain a link and are from someone without a Xanga username or with a relatively new Xanga username) are flagged as potential spam and are sent to a spam folder, much in the same way that email providers flag potential spam.

What do you think? Have you had a problem with spam comments on your site? How do you think it should be dealt with?

0 thoughts on “A Proposal to Reduce Xanga Spam

  1. i had happened to me before by the same user on several of my posts. he/she left the same religious remarks as a comment on those posts. and so i blocked him/her. the first and only xangan user i ever blocked. and so far no more spam comments.

  2. Hey, has anyone had a problem with View Count spam? I’m not sure if it’s a real thing or not; but I keep getting lots of views on one particular post…and all the views are from Ukraine hahaha. This seems highly unlikely as I don’t know anyone from Ukraine. And it’s been going on for about two months, now. I’d like my View Count to reflect an accurate number of views. Any ideas on how to solve this?

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