The Ultimate Little Boy Cake

I don’t mean for the title to sound sexist, as this cake could be enjoyed just as well by a little girl, but when I saw it sitting on the counter at the Mandarin Oriental Shoppe at Emporium Mall, I thought immediately of a certain nearly four-year-old boy with whom I recently had a long conversation about the names of the different Marvel superheroes in The Avengers.

The conversation went in circles around the character Hawkeye, who is his favorite superhero. I was telling him that Hawkeye’s alter-ego name is Clint Barton in the same way that Spiderman is also known as Peter Parker and Batman as Bruce Wayne. For some reason, even though he knew of Spiderman and Batman’s alter-ego names, he couldn’t grasp my explanation of Hawkeye and Clint Barton. I tried both Thai and English, but for some reason he just wasn’t buying it. His mother also tried to explain it, to no avail.

Sadly, Hawkeye isn’t represented on the cake.


20 thoughts on “The Ultimate Little Boy Cake

  1. i made batman, superman, and spiderman cakes for my boys the faces from a mold and decroated them myself also made a carosel cake with platice horses and colums between the layers but your is tops totally awesome

  2. Drool! Not for the cake, but for Hawkeye! hahaha! I would also have loved to join in on the conversation, well maybe after your conversation with the boy and go on and on about how HOT Jeremy Renner is. hehehe. Whenever I talk about him I get all red in the face. Chris thinks I’m weird. He was totally laughing at me when we went to see Avengers and Bourne Supremacy. Sorry, totally went off topic, but you definitely got me at Hawkeye. yum!!!!!

  3. My son would love that cake for his birthday! Awesome!He loves Spiderman but not Superman. He thinks that the underwear is too red! LOLNow, his fav hero is Thor and Ironman. Whatever the boy the like … hehehe …

  4. i think Hawkeye is not that popular internationally. or maybe hollywood has yet able to make them popular. but don’t crush that boy’s believe that Hawkeye is a true surperhero, instead of a human disguised as a superhero. that might turn him off from being a big fan. and as far as that cake goes, i think it is the perfect cake to have at a marvel comic convention.

  5. @rudyhou – And DC, too.@SherryAngeLMysteriez – He thinks the underwear is too red? That’s funny.@tribong_upos – @brooklyn2028 – @swcheng15 – @PinkGlitter02 – @mizz_chan – @Grannys_Place – @Fatcat723 – @chronic_masticator – @murisopsis – Val really took the pun out of my mouth when she wrote that is was a Marvelous cake.@tehls – He’s been quite the character actor and then has suddenly become a leading man.@secade – Am going to guess that it isn’t a real cake and is just a decorated display… so probably taste like cardboard!

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