Green Light for China

Well, they pushed it nearly to the last minute – about 36 hours before my flight’s departure – but the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok finally approved my tourist visa. We leave tonight at 2:00 for Shanghai.


The irony was that after we applied, the embassy approved Tawn’s visa (in a Thai passport) with no difficulty, charging him only 1500 baht (about US$ 50). My application was initially rejected because of their concerns that I could not demonstrate sufficient funds to travel. That was funny, considering I’m the one who bought our plane tickets!

After providing additional documentation, my visa was approved. The charge for me: about 9000 baht (US$ 300). The real kicker? Tawn’s visa is good for up to 30 days of travel. Mine is good only for 7 days of travel. Ouch.

While in Shanghai, we will stay with Tawn’s cousin and his wife. We’re also looking forward to spending time with Jason and his husband. I suspect I will not have Xanga access while there, so may have to be away for the next week or so. I’ll be back, though!


0 thoughts on “Green Light for China

  1. Hmm.. I am thinking (just a wild wild guess) that they don’t want Americans there and if they must have Americans, they want to squeeze as hard as they can.

  2. Sounds suspiciously like a bit of the deliberate runaround, no? If there’s an appeal, or when it comes time to renew, you might want to press the issue some more. Couldn’t hurt to ask the American consulate in the neighborhood for advice on the situation, and a word of support? Maybe if you play along, you’ll eventually get what you want. The point could just be that they won’t make it easy for you.

  3. @Wangium – Because most Chinese have a hard time growing them? @kunhuo42 – @n_e_i_l – @Inciteful – @awoolham – @Fatcat723 – @ElusiveWords –  Tawn’s cousin suggested it was because the People’s Congress is being held at the tail end of my visit. With me applying through Thailand, it migh have seemed like an attempt for a journalist to slip in unapproved.@alextebow – Hard to say how much my fee was padded by the travel agency!@secade – Mine was definitely on the high side, but the US government charges outrageous visa application fees for residents of most nations including China, so I guess turnabout is fair play.@murisopsis – @Crystalinne – @fauquet – @Ikwa – @Got_Takoyaki – @Grannys_Place – The trip went well, just returned about 1:00 am. Now I have to sort through the many photos to process and post them. Stay tuned!@chronic_masticator – Oh, ouch… I should have seen that pun coming! =)@MarmitePeriod – It does seem a bit steep, no?

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