Friends and Xangans and Xangan Friends

In the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to meet several Xangan friends. In addition to meeting Jason (Wangium) for dinner at Nopalito in San Francisco, I met with Andy (ungrandvoyage) in Mountain View, and Kenny (kenpcho – not really active anymore) in Cosa Mesa. I’ve known all of them for some time and had met them before.


While in Los Angeles, I also had to opportunity to have brunch with Gary (currypuffy – to my right) and Jimmy (Rm2046 – to my left), along with their friends William and Chris. Wonderful brunch at 3 Square Cafe in Venice Beach and I appreciate them making the time to see me. Sadly, Jimmy has been AWOL from Xanga for two years.


After several years of knowing and just missing each other on my travels to the Bay Area, Kevin (Devilgaysianboi) and I finally had the chance to meet while I was in Southern California. He’s every bit as nice as he comes across on his blog. 

There are still plenty of Xangans I haven’t yet me whom I hope I’ll someday meet. These include, but are not limited to, the two Megs (Passionflwr86 and TheCheshireGrins), Val (murisopsis), Sheldon (brooklyn2028), Vivek (Dezinerdreams), Ben (bengozen), Alex (Roadlesstaken), Aaron (kunhuo42) and of course Matt (the appropriately-handled ElusiveWords). Well, I still have my whole life ahead of me, right?


Of course, the trip wasn’t all Xangans. I also met with my high school friends (including their children and nephews, some of whom are pictured above). It was the seven-year-old (in the Groucho Marx glasses) who spurred me to finally cave in and buy a smart phone. During dim sum, the children were playing with their parents’ smart phones. Joaquin asked if he could borrow my phone. I fished out my inexpensive, old Nokia candy-bar phone. He looked at it for a moment, looked at me, and then said, “No, Uncle Chris, your real phone!”

I went to the Apple store that afternoon.

P1230689 IMG_6117

This US trip was also the visit of babies, several of whom have been born in the last six months and all of whom I was pleased to spend time with. None of them starting a Xanga account yet, but at the rate that young people are adapting to technology, I expect they should be ready to blog by kindergartern. 


No sooner had I returned to Bangkok than another pair of Xangans (well, former Xangans – how long can you be away before we give up hope that you will blog again?) came for a visit. Aaron (toypetfishes – the middle of the picture), who was the one who introduced me to Xanga more than seven years ago, and Tae (sagicaprio – between me and Aaron), shown here at brunch along with Tawn and our mutual friend Louis.

I’m amazed how many people from Xanga I’ve had the chance to meet in real life – 32, based on a quick count from my friends and subscribers list. That doesn’t include about a dozen relatives or friends I already knew who post (or used to post) on Xanga. Pretty successful for a social networking site, no?


0 thoughts on “Friends and Xangans and Xangan Friends

  1. Wow, you have many Xangan friends. I know only two of the Xangans you mentioned here (Alex and Matt). How long have you been using Xanga?Hahaha, what did you get from Apple Store, Chris?;)

  2. This post made me smile. Yes, I would definitely like to eventually meet you, Chris… I think that’d be awesome! I’m impressed with how many Xangans you’ve met… isn’t it amazing what can come out of just meeting people on blogs?? (Oh… and how do you like your smart phone? You should do a post on your experience w/ that… Mike and I still don’t have those… so it’d be interesting to hear about your “newbie” experience.)

  3. I’m glad you got a “real” phone. I don’t have one, but Hubby does and it comes in pretty handy sometimes. While we were on vacation, we used the TV Guide app!Looks like you had fun with Xangans. I haven’t met any yet. Hubby thinks that just about everyone on here is a stalker or burglar or something equally bad. He’s just kidding, of course—I think.Cute babies!

  4. I think Xanga is the best place on the web with the best people. Your trip sound wonderful. I have made some very good friends here on Xanga who I am in contact with on the phone and email and find the biggest % of the population here wonderful people.Looks like you a wonderful time with all of your visits and Ty for sharing them with us all.Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  5. The Asian community is pretty large on xanga, but the more diversity we have helps to keep everyone better informed.Looks like the little ones have pretty much a big impact upon you Christao. They seem so cute and they do push adults around.I don’t know what the future holds for xanga, I suppose you are a stalwart and will continue to blog here at xanga. The small blogs we make help continue making xanga a neighborhood place.

  6. @Grannys_Place – Thanks for the rec. I agree with you that the vast majority of folks on Xanga are nice people.@PPhilip – That’s funny – I didn’t notice but, yes, all of the Xangans in the pictures are Asian (or Asian American). More than anything, that must speak to the nature of social networks. We tend to make connections based on the people who comment on, or visit, other blogs that we read. Since people tend to cluster into affinity groups, it isn’t surprising that your interconnected circle will share certain similarities. At the same time, I think Xanga has allowed me to also meet a wider range of people than I might have in real life.@whyzat – There are certainly those folks out there who are suspicious of “internet friendships” – the first few times I met people from Xanga, I made sure to have an escape route, meet in a public place, and all that stuff. =D@awoolham – Lots of people are laughing about that purchase.@Passionflwr86 – Yeah, I may have to cave in and write a post about the experiences of a smart phone novice. Should earn me a lot of pity points and sympathy from others.@I_love_Burma – 4S. Am not ready to upgrade to the highest levels of technology yet!@Fatcat723 – Well, I will take that as an invitation then! =D@Want2FitIn2Fat2Fit – Sure was@beowulf222 – Ha ha ha …. can I call you “Oscar”? 

  7. @christao408 – No, Oscar lives in a trashcan. As much as I can relate to Oscar’s misanthropic behavior, I don’t want to be associated with someone living in a trashcan. I am a grouch with style. Call me “Sheldon”* if you want. * Sheldon as in the Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory” although I am not nearly as smart as that Sheldon.

  8. I really enjoy the pics of Xangans – especially since we have the same Xangan friends / subscribers. It’s odd, I feel close to some Xangans here even though I’ve never met any of them. There’s a part of me who wants to step out of my cloak of anonymity and there’s the other part that wants to remain elusive. I still follow a few ex Xangans who are on tumblr (e.g. Jimmy), WordPress or Blogger. I remember Aaron and Tae from my early days in Xanga although I doubt if they remember me. I’m going to have to get a smartphone soon. I picked up someone from the airport recently and she was emailing me where she was. I told her I didn’t have a smartphone and she looked at me strangely. I’m debating whether my next “real phone” should be the 4S or 5. J is a BB supporter and rolls his eyes when I mention Apple.

  9. @icebladz – Well, shoot – I didn’t know you were there. Could have added another person to the party!@Roadkill_Spatula – And, with any luck, you will have the opportunity to meet them.@ElusiveWords – I can understand the competing desire to remain anonymous while also wanting to make real-world connections. As for the phone, I went with the 4S. Don’t want to rush into the future too quickly. LOL

  10. That’s so great that you eventually meet all the Xangans. I’m barely on Xanga anymore because I am usually blocked from work (that’s when I blog, too busy at home!) but I do blog on WordPress now. By the way, I get your blog updates via email so I’m pretty up to date! :)Christine aka “babydot74″

  11. You are such a xanga celebrity! Everybody loves to meet you, because you are so special with your grace and love. I am happy that you have spread so much joy around by meeting all these wonderful people Chris.

  12. That’s wonderful that you’ve had the opportunity to meet so many Xangans thus far. I’d be happy to meet just one..although attending a Xanga meet is on my “bucket list” so perhaps it’ll be many more. 🙂

  13. This was an awesome post, a good affirmation of Xanga, along with a wonderful read and some lovely shots of you and your friends. That last baby picture just melted my heart. I’ve met friends through other social networks in the past (maybe half a dozen), but am still relatively new here so I haven’t met any Xangans yet. That shall change in time b/c as you know, it’s quite rewarding to finally meet, hear their voice, see their facial expressions, share a meal, maybe a hug, and get a picture together. Kudos Sir.

  14. Sometimes I forget that this IS a social networking site, but then I’ve met you and at least 10 other xangans before. I suppose i forgot because I’m rarely so honest 😛

  15. @Roadlesstaken – Indeed I can. Am sure I’ll get there eventually. In the meantime, thanks for the rec, which has driven a lot of traffic here.@Babieboo_Annie – Thanks for the recommendation and for stopping by. Surely one of these days, you’ll get to go to a Xanga meet-up, right?@babydot74 – Now I know where you’ve disappeared to! =D@Crystalinne – Thanks for stopping by and sharing the very nice comment. While I’ve poked around on other platforms, I’ve felt very welcomed here at Xanga ever since I started blogging and have really enjoyed the many connections I’ve made.@Manbeast – Thanks@secade – You forget that it is a social networking site?! If I hadn’t met you in person, I never would have met Jimmy and, in turn, Chris. It is a small Xanga world out there!@ZSA_MD – Oh, you are too kind Dr. Z. If there’s a Xanga celebrity out there, it surely must be you! Oh, btw, I realize I still owe you my book order.@Fatcat723 – Thank you!

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