A Brief Thunderstorm Video

September is the heart of rainy season in Bangkok. Far more rain falls in this month than any other. Last night at about 1:00, we were awakened by a loud thunderstorm that stubbornly stayed overhead for a half-hour. A few days ago, I had to take off my shoes and roll up my pants legs to get out of the taxi because my street was flooded after an hour of heavy rain.

A few weeks ago I was stuck in traffic and watched as these storm clouds formed out of thin air, close to the ground. They looked like smoke but were the result of the heat and moisture in the air. Very ominous, no? Not a minute after shooting this video, the torrential rain started to pour.


0 thoughts on “A Brief Thunderstorm Video

  1. We have been having some major storms here for the last couple of days. Torrential rains today when I was returning from the hospital after a meeting. On either side of the car the rain water was making huge “wave-like” fountains of water. Felt like I was driving through the parted Red Sea!

  2. OK, some people talk on the phone, text, or shave while driving. You take videos. LOLWhen I was younger I thought thunderstorms were neat, but as I get older I dislike them more and more. I am afraid the lightning will damage something. One time, the gate to my condo was broken after lightning struck around, apparently wiping out the card reader (or so the guard said).

  3. Those clouds sure moved fast… you weren’t messing with the video speed, were you?? I’ve been lucky so far. I haven’t had to use the umbrella going to and from work…

  4. it’s the complete opposite here … September is one of the nicest months in Vancouver. Though, tbh, I can’t think of the last time it rained here. The weather since the end of June has been, in a word, stupendous

  5. @AppsScraps – Vancouver is such a beautiful place, especially in the late summer. I’ll be up in Seattle next week and am looking forward to similar weather – hopefully!@marc11864 – Not so much, indeed.@grannykaren – Yes, if you like this there’s another video I shot a few years ago that has some really nice lightning at the end of it. Here on youtube: http://youtu.be/EMs_8bcjNQE.@oxyGENE_08 – I wonder why. Less drainage?@rudyhou – You guys just missed it!@ElusiveWords – Yes, looked like wraiths.@murisopsis – True speed, although it would have looked great speeded up even more.@Inciteful – When I’m uploading from Thailand, it takes hours to load most videos. That’s why I made this one only 18 seconds long!@Fatcat723 – Let’s hope you get a minimum number of hurricanes and only weak ones.@slmret – They sure are.@beowulf222 – Yes, but I stopped filming as soon as traffic started moving again. Lifhgts are long here so time to kill.@ZSA_MD – Am going to nickname you “Moses”!

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