Xangans in Bangkok

While it wasn’t an official Xanga meetup, I managed to meet a trio of Xangans here in Bangkok over the last week, none of whom I’ve ever met in person.

A week ago Friday, both Rudy (@rudyhou) and Andrew (@stepaside_loser) were in town from Indonesia and Australia, respectively. It was a coincidence that both were here at the same time and presented a nice opportunity for us to gather for dinner at Soulfood Mahanakorn followed by some dessert at a street vendor nearby.


From left: Me, Tawn, Andrew (who requested that his identity be obscured), Rudy, and Rudy’s friend Sam. Sam isn’t a Xangan but is still a nice fellow! Very nice meeting everyone.


Now, another Xangan whom I knew lived in Bangkok but had managed to forget is Marlar (@I_love_Burma). We had been in touch several months ago and it wasn’t until another Xangan, who is coming to visit her in a few weeks, messaged me to see if I’d be in town, that I remember that Marlar actually still lives here! I invited her to the impromptu meet up two Fridays ago but she couldn’t make it, so we instead met for lunch yesterday.

See? It really is a small Xangan world!

Now, I’ll be seeing Rudy again, along with three or four (or more) other Xangans in Hong Kong on December 28-29. If you will be in that neck of the woods, let me know and you’re welcome to join the meet-up.


0 thoughts on “Xangans in Bangkok

  1. Good meet up with fine people. Xanga is richer in having such people here. I am sure they were thrilled to meet the celebrity of Bangkok xanga bureau too!

  2. @Roadlesstaken – Your name came up during lunch with @I_love_Burma. You need to make a trip down our way Alex.@Fatcat723 – @maniacsicko – @Grannys_Place – @npr32486 – @aPieceOfTheSky – That aspect of being able to put faces to names – more than just seeing the pictures – really does make the bloggers seem more real. Glad I had the opportunity.@murisopsis – Oh, gosh, didn’t notice that detail! Maybe he’s flashing a gang sign… =P@I_love_Burma – My pleasure. You want to come to Hong Kong in December and join the meet up?@stepaside_loser – Hong Kong, December 28… be there!@CurryPuffy – Yes and we’ll see you in a few weeks, too, for dinner.@Inciteful – Lots of people have that pixelated appearance! Ha ha!@ZSA_MD – “Celebrity” – Ha! You’re always one with the sweet words, Dr. Z.@oxyGENE_08 – Will you be able to join us in Hong Kong? It would be nice to meet you. If not, let me know when you make it to Bangkok.@beowulf222 – Yes, it was. Wish you could have been there but we’ll see you in HKG in December.@ElusiveWords – @I_love_Burma – Actually, Matt looks exactly like Andrew does. Pixelated face. LOL

  3. you know, chris. i was hoping that you would post about our meet-up so i won’t have to. but now i’m thinking that maybe i should, which means i would have to borrow your pic of us.@oxyGENE_08 –  i’d second that. never been to the philippines before.@murisopsis –  you know, i just realized that. hahaha… good catch.

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