Back from Singapore

Tawn and I took a long weekend in Singapore, one of the first times I’ve actually celebrated the US Labor Day holiday since moving to Thailand. We have lots of friends in Singapore so there was plenty to keep us busy, plus there are many new attractions that fly in the face of the city-state’s reputation as a boring place.


Stay tuned for pictures!


0 thoughts on “Back from Singapore

  1. I suppose you got a nutcracker to help eat the crab? I know the Chinese like the inside of the body, you too?@agmhkg – Hmm interesting abreviation for Singapore. I guess SUX (airport abrieviation for Sioux city abrieviation ) also is a terrible nickname too.

  2. @ElusiveWords – @rudyhou – LOL@Inciteful – There was a surprising amount of meat in this crab…@CurryPuffy – @Devilzgaysianboi – @ZSA_MD – @Grannys_Place – @slmret – @Fatcat723 – @brooklyn2028 – @everyday_yogi – It was quite the crab, I’ll tell you that much!@murisopsis – Thankfully, there was another crab for everyone else to share. No, just kidding… of COURSE I shared!@PPhilip – There are a number of interesting airport codes out there including DIK, NOB, KOK, BOG, BUM, PEE, POO, SEX, FAT, EAT, DOH, CAT, and DOG. @beowulf222 – @agmhkg – Not Jumbo – Number Three Crab: Their slogan? “Number Three Crab is Number One!”

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