A Monochromatic Sea of Metal


While eating lunch at the Central Chidlom department store Food Loft, I looked at the car park below and was startled to notice that, other than that pink taxi and one blue car on the left, every other car was black, white, grey, or beige. Bland, bland, bland…


0 thoughts on “A Monochromatic Sea of Metal

  1. I’ve noticed that here as well — most cars are black, gray or white, with an occasional red or blue or light green oddity.  It used to be that all cars were black (in WWII days), then, when things were going well, we saw all colors of the rainbow, and now ~ ~ ~

  2. Afer 23 years of driving monochromatic cars, I got a red car this April. It’s nice to break free! (And, no, it’s not a midlife crisis sportscar… It’s an all-electric Nissan Leaf. Flashy yet incredibly practical)

  3. hmmm. I personally favor grey cars (they don’t show the dirt as much) but my husband likes red and blue. I am surprised that Thai drivers go for the ultra conservative colors. I would have thought that there would be lots of vibrant colors in the parking lot!

  4. My husband thinks I’m nuts when I yammer on about bland cars. White is the most popular color? Boring. I see a lime green Mustang around here once in a while and it sparkles amid the endless stream of black or white SUVs.

  5. There is a rumor going around that when a car blends in the police are not anxious to notice it speeding. Well, mine is bright red and no ticket yet.

  6. This got me wondering whether that’s a cultural thing in Asia? I remember that cars back home are more colorful. But a part of me thinks that in recent years there is also a tendency to go more monochromatic.I remember bright green CV2s driving around in my youth. 😮 I guess I am old. ..

  7. @slmret – How did Henry Ford put it? “Customers can have any color car they want, so long as it is black.”@beowulf222 – Most likely, many of those cars belong to hi-society folks who have drivers. Those type of cars are almost always a very neutral color.@awoolham – Oh, is that you? (waves)@catstemplar2 – @murisopsis – Interestingly, our taxis here are very colorful – red, blue, green, yellow, pink, etc. It is just the private cars that are boring.@rudyhou – Maybe ASEAN car factories have only four colors of paint?@stevew918 – Did you really? Speeding?@secade – We get some folks here who have windows that are tinted way past the point of legality.@Fatcat723 – I could understand how such a belief would gain credence. No doubt, though, that you are a safe and conscientious driver.@whyzat – Something in bold blue for me, please!+@mike august – Not the Toyota Pious (ala the South Park epidsode)? @ElusiveWords – You’re a stand-out guy, Matt.

  8. mine is an irridiscent silver suv. it will probably blend in there. i like my car. M has a white car. i used to like black cars, probably from days of yore, but i see very few that are black though.

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