Fat Cat


A few weeks ago we went to brunch at Justin and Benji’s house. Justin moved from the US about a year ago and brought with him his two cats. Like so many other residents of middle America, these cats have been struggling with their weight.


The good news is, since moving to Thailand the cats have lost a lot of weight. (Same thing happened to me… initially!) Unfortunately, severe weight loss is often accompanied by a need for a tummy tuck because the skin does not tighten up as quickly as the weight is lost. Here, one of the cats lays on the floor, his extra skin spreading out like a floor mop or a purring panther skin rug.


Eventually, the cat decided he had had enough of my invading his privacy so got up and trotted off to the bedroom.


0 thoughts on “Fat Cat

  1. You’re not even kidding, he’s fat!  Gives my chocolate lab a run for the money! but now losing weight?  Well, he appears to be like, shall I say, not totally wasted away yet.

  2. Probably, I’ll end up in “cat hell” but I was thinking that one could pull the cat over the floor by its tail and thus clean the floor. Like a mop.

  3. Every cat that we’ve had, would gain so much weight. The funny thing was the kids’ pediatrician would come home for dinner some nights, and he would tell me, ” Zakiah you need to put Sheba (or Bacchus) on a diet”. Saadia and Sayeed would look at me with such sad looks. They didn’t want their cat to look thin or scrawny.

  4. I have a friend who brought a stray kitty home one day. She took care of it so well that all these years, it has grown so big and soooo fat as these cats, maybe even fatter.

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