0 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year

  1. @icebladz – Thanks.  Haven’t seen you on here in ages!@ElusiveWords – Piercing blue, wouldn’t you say?@ClimbUpTreesToLookForFish – While it isn’t an official holiday here, there is a very large percentage of the population (including the King, in fact) who are of Chinese heritage.  Tawn’s father is half-Chinese, for example.  Many of the shopkeepers and business owners, especially in the old city, are full-blooded Chinese.  The end result, many people end up celebrating the holiday.@alextebow – Hope you don’t feel bad that I didn’t ask you to do the illustration!@rudyhou – Interestingly enough, we didn’t really celebrate.  At least, not traditionally.  Tawn’s family, despite their Chinese heritage, doesn’t follow the old traditions.  We did meet up with several friends on Monday evening for dinner at one of our favorite Chinese seafood restaurants, though.@hilabpartnerxD – Yeah, the likeness is quite strong.  I think he starts by scanning the pictures of us and then “cartoonizes” them.@stevew918 – @Fatcat723 – @mizz_chan – @CurryPuffy – @Got_Takoyaki – @murisopsis – Thanks everyone… may you have much happiness and prosperity this year, too!@Devilzgaysianboi – The latest cooking implement: dragon fire.  HA HA… 

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