Tawn C – First Collection Photo Shoot

At one point in time, mine was the exciting life filled with ever-changing adventures and Tawn was the one who went to the office every day, living a life of nine to five drudgery.  Nowadays, as he is moving towards his dream of being a fashion designer, his life is the eventful one and I’m fading to a quiet support role.  The latest big event was a photo shoot of the first collection on his own label, Tawn C, to create a “look book.”


As I understand it, a look book doesn’t necessarily have to display every outfit in the collection.  Instead, it is meant to convey the overall feel of the collection, to tell the “story” of the woman for whom the collection was designed.  Tawn will use the look book to pitch his collection to prospective vendors including some of the large department stores here in Bangkok.


Tawn called in a half-dozen people with whom he has worked on other events, assembling a talented but reasonably priced team to assist with styling, make-up, and hair.  Our “annex” – the studio unit adjacent to our main condo, was turned into the backstage area.  Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of work I could do other than to prepare the snacks to keep the talent satisfied.


The setting for the photo shoot was out unit, which not only saved money but also matched the style of Tawn’s collection.  Above, photographer Siwanat Phangbunkumlarp directs the models. The model on the left is a Russian with whom Tawn worked at his student fashion show.  The model on the right is Thai-German and was added later when the Russian woman’s twin sister was no longer available to do the shoot. 


Khun Siwanat did a very detailed job, having scouted the location in advance, discussed the overall themes with Tawn, and plotted the look and feel of different shots.  It ultimately took something like 10 hours to shoot the entire sequence, but the results were very nice.  Here are some of my favorite shots.  These are pre touch-up, as the versions that Tawn will use on his website underwent modest Photoshopping.













Stay tuned for more updates on the adventures here in Bangkok as Tawn pursues his dreams and Chris supports him.


0 thoughts on “Tawn C – First Collection Photo Shoot

  1. This is awesome! My friend (who’s a stylist) just saw me checking out these and she is in love with the photos! And she made me dig out your archives so that she can have a better look at your condo- she loves the interiors!

  2. Wow, wow, wow! These are truly amazing. Tawn is very very talented, and so is his team, that including you, of coz. Top notch professional , very impressed. Please tell Tawn congratulations.

  3. Considering that the photos you’ve posted are pre-touchup, they look amazing. And wow, Siwanat really was detailed… I just realized how juvenile our marketing team’s attempts for our fashion show shoot was. We really didn’t have much plans at all. Hope you’re doing well Chris. Mind I ask what snacks you made for the talent? I always wonder if we should be prepping delicious (but often fattening) items or healthy (but not-so-delish) items.

  4. What a project! The collection for the ‘look book’ is very classy, evoked the feeling of the 1930s-40s. Please send him my good luck wishes!By the way, your flat is totally impeccably furnished to do the photo shoot! Where is that “red shoe”? LOL

  5. absolutely breathtaking. i especially love the embellished gray blouse with the black neck bow and wrist cuffs. the story told here is one of grace, charm and impeccable style. all the best to you and tawn.

  6. Good job Tawn!:) Some of your clothes seem to be similar to the styles of the 1920s and 1950s at the same time (well, I think so anyway). Keep up the good work following your dream!

  7. Wonderful fashions! I really like the elegant looks! I know this was all about Tawn (and he does deserve all the applause), yet I was hoping for a few photos of food porn… I’ve given up eating the cheese and fat and so many sweets BUT I still love to see what you whip up in the kitchen!

  8. hahaha i like that you can see a few boxes of things in that china cabinet in the first photo from the actual shoot.so how do you feel about having your condo shown around? was a lot of the decor also staged, or as is?

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