Updated Final Time: Some Information about the Flooding

Updated – Third video added.  This is the last time I’ll time stamp this!  Tawn shared this very cute and informative 4-minute video clip with me, which explains what is happening with the flooding and why the risk to Bangkok is severe.  It is done with clever animation and is actually quite useful… which leads me to believe that the Thai government had absolutely nothing to do with it.

The best part is how they compare the flood waters with blue whales, which makes the whole thing much more comprehensible.  There are English subtitles, so please enjoy.

A second video was released Thursday, which further explains the situation and gives suggestions about how to assess the actual risk your home is at for flooding.

The government has announced that the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok will peak around 6 pm Saturday, so that is expected to be the point at which flooding, which has now spread into 5 districts in the city, will explan further.

The third video is out, this one listing the three steps you should take to prepare for the flood.  It really is so simple, right?


0 thoughts on “Updated Final Time: Some Information about the Flooding

  1. This is a wonderful video, understandable at all levels of comprehension!  I really hope the levees hold and the blue whales find routes to the Gulf of Thailand other than through Bangkok!  Stay on aware, park your cars on high ground, and stay safe, Chris & Tawn!

  2. I hope you guys can ride this out safely. Deforestation and urbanization – it makes sense that they are prime contributors. I wonder what will happen after this year’s flood. Will there be any changes in land use policies?

  3. This has been going on for you guys a pretty long time. Frustrating to say the least. I’m sure you want to be done with it all, so you can start will the plans of recuperation and not with the plans of the unknown.

  4. It is well done and easy to understand. I agree not government agency produced this (at least not here for sure). I am sure the land policies will not change but what else can be done?

  5. @Fatcat723 – That’s the question I was thinking about as I drifted off to sleep last night (to dream of blue whales – ha!): what else can be done? The land use decisions are pretty much one-way decisions and there is no practical way to recover the damage that has been done.@The_Eyes_Of_A_Painter – I figure that if this organization produce another flood video every day or two, I’ll be entertained enough to forget about the anxiety brought on by uncertainty. Ha ha!@CurryPuffy – Khaojai arai? The Thai or the subtitles? =D@slmret – Certainly, I need to park my car away from the blue whales, right? XD@ordinarybutloud – Everyone loves Ponyo!

  6. Remain calm and prepare for the worst… and by all means get rid of those whales!! I loved the little video! I hope you are prepared for the worst and have plan B. I heard on the radio that the govt was declaring a 5 day work holiday so people could pack up and evacuate the city… Are you staying or going?

  7. this is a good one, though I have to follow the subtitles and the message? remain calm and prepare for the worst…..is what I’ve got from this clip….anyway my prayer: problem goes as soon as it can!!

  8. @beowulf222 – @agmhkg – I think the message that they are trying to send is that people should calm down a bit. Right now, there is a lot of anxiety as people are just constantly splashing about (pun intended) in an ocean of information, getting all worked up about things that may not directly affect them. Especially in this second video, gathering information about what the likely risks are to your home lets you make an informed decision. For example, the street out in front of our place is about 3 meters above sea level and we have another half-meter of protection, so we are unlikely to take on much, if any water. Knowing that, I can still prepare, but I don’t have to have unrealistic expectations of how bad things will be. Watching the way a lot of folks are freaking out, “calm down” is a much needed message.@murisopsis – @stevew918 – The government’s 5-day holiday (which not all businesses are taking) has prompted a lot of people to get out of town and the beach resorts and towns near Pattaya and Hua Hin are now packed. This is making traffic pleasantly light in Bangkok! We are going to remain in town, both because I think the risk of flooding to our home is relatively light and because Tawn’s parents, who live not that far away, are in greater risk and may need assistance.@brooklyn2028 – They never shy away from cute animals, that’s for sure!

  9. @christao408 – The more episodes I watch, the more I start to like the flood. *LOL* I think those videos do a good job at bringing a bit of order amongst the chaos of confusion. Do you know who did those videos: private or government sector?

  10. I saw a clip of news on the Chao Phraya River a couple of days ago, which was really higher than normal. I cannot imagine what’ll happen when it “peaks”, the hotel guests staying along the river must be getting nervous. But I wonder if there are any tourists at all?

  11. my favorite part was when it looked like the little guy was making love with his house. We always say disaster is only for humanity in the world. Nature is nature. Like the Mississippi river in the USA it flooded for years before Americans built homes why Native peoples were nomads at times. They always try and tame the wild mother river but she does what she does and over flows. 🙂 I love the video thanks for sharing very entertaining.

  12. @CurryPuffy – The number of tourists is definitely down.  The peak is supposed to be 2.6 meters above sea level or something to that effect.@Ikwa – That same point has been made by some observers here: flooding was a natural thing that made this area so fertile for rice production.  The idea of controlling the river is a recent one.  In fact, traditional Thai houses were built on raised platforms specifically because flooding was common.@Fatcat723 – Yep, just three easy steps… with countless sub-steps that are not mentioned.@beowulf222 – Definitely NOT government-made!@Inciteful – Insufficient ones, it would seem.

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