It’s been a week since my last entry, possibly the longest I’ve gone without blogging!  Between Tawn’s fashion show, which turned out wonderfully, and some large projects with work, I’ve had little free time.  One thing I’ve come to realize, belatedly, is that the internet (more broadly) and social media (in particular) are not very good uses of my time.  Cutting back on those – just forbidding myself from opening my browser – has freed up a lot of time for other productive uses.

That said, I think I’ll have the time to catch my breath this weekend and do an update on Tawn’s show.  Meanwhile, I hope you are all well.  I haven’t read my subscriptions in a week, either, so if I haven’t responded to your latest post, I hope you will understand.


0 thoughts on “Buried

  1. same here… lots going on. sometimes by the end of the work day i’m so tired of being on the computer that i don’t have the energy to read blogs, let alone write one! after saturday i don’t have any more races, so there’s one less thing to worry about! the dissertation’s coming along as well, so that’s good… the end is (sort of) in sight!

  2. Pretty unusual for this long for Chris to update! I see the reason why now, hehe, I’m kinda busy at work too. Looking forward for Tawn’s catwalk photos! I hope the flooding did not make the internet slower? πŸ˜€

  3. I did miss you – even went to your site to make sure I hadn’t missed one! I had no idea that Tawn was doing another show. Now I’m very anxious to see the results…It isn’t xanga that eats your time – it is the devil FB!

  4. I totally understand. I have been busy trying to build up my consulting, and also spent a lot of time traveling. Need to get back to my Xanga blog. Always look forward to your enjoyable blogs.

  5. you are easily forgiven. me, on the other hand, just plain laziness mixed with new priorities and new obsessions that got me being absent from xanga for a while. i promise [keeping my fingers crossed :)] to be more diligent in reading my subscriptions.ps: i miss your food blogs.

  6. I imagine that quitting computer for a while would feel like quitting smoking. I find reading posts and reading comments very addictive. It takes discipline to have a good balance.

  7. I have to admit I have cut back on my time at the computer. When I do post or respond I am usually at work. There are no patients – the doctor is not here – and I have some free time. You all take care.

  8. can’t wait to hear about hubby’s fashion show… and u take care ~ dont work too hard! ps i deactivated FB πŸ˜› so I understand what you mean about “spending too much time”….

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