Egg Sausage

One commenter on my previous entry about making sausage expressed surprise about sausage being a part of Thai cuisine. Sure enough, Thais like stuffed intestines just as much as about everyone else! After posting the entry, though, I learned from a friend about a unique Thai sausage used as an ingredient in a clear soup. The sausage is called “look rok”.


It is made by filling sausage casings (intestines) with uncooked, well-beaten chicken eggs. Then you boil the sausage until the egg firms up. The sausage is then sliced and, if you want to be decorative, the cut ends are scored into quarters. The pieces are added to a clear broth that has minced pork and whole shrimp added to it. Looks quite pretty, doesn’t it? Seems like a lot of work, though, for just one ingredient in the dish.

0 thoughts on “Egg Sausage

  1. @Gentemann – Are you thinking of sai grog?@kunhuo42 – @murisopsis – Yeah, if you are going to poach or boil or scramble an egg, why stuff it in an intestine first?@Inciteful – The good news is that these days you can buy it in the store, albeit in an artifical casing, not an intestine.@Toro69 – Let me know how that works out.@ZSA_MD – Um, I would suppose you could use non-pork casings, too@Fatcat723 – Yeah, let’s see if you can find that locally!  =D@yang1815 – Lots of healthy things for chicken to eat here.@I_love_Burma – the soup is called “gaeng joot look rok”, literally “bland soup with look rok”.@arenadi – It certainly isn’t the most common type of sausage out there.  I wonder what would happen if you made a sausage of boiled egg and ground meat, kind of like those Scotch Eggs? @CurryPuffy – Head to Thai town and see what you can find.

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