Nobody Listens to Warren and Me

Loading my Yahoo mail, this headline caught my eye.  Could it be?  Were they finally taking seriously my plans for paying off the government debt?

 Buffet Plan

Turns out it is just some other guy named Schultz.  Seems he has some experience with a coffee shop or something.


0 thoughts on “Nobody Listens to Warren and Me

  1. Odd how we changed the word “borrowing money” to “leverage capital” and suddenly all becomes all right to be into debt. US has no intention of paying off its debt. Instead, they are exporting their debt by having weak USD and at the same time print money to try to stimulate the economy. Odd though, after 1997 the US advised Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia etc to open up their financial system to foreigners, allow weak banks to fail and increase interest rate to prevent currency from being too low. Why are they not taking their own advise today? I think it sounds good.

  2. @ZSA_MD – @CurryPuffy – I’m pretty sure that Howard is not a relation. “Schultz” is a remarkably common name in Germany so there are a fair number of us in the US.@yang1815 – @let_the_right_one_in – Glad you enjoyed…@Fatcat723 – Good company, indeed: Omaha steaks!@Victoriawongboy – Oh, I’m sure the US will not pay off all its debt. In fact, pretty much all governments operate with some amount of debt because certain expenses need to be spread out through the use of bonds. The important thing is that the debt needs to be reduced to a manageable level and the first step to that is to start balancing the budget.

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