Trying to Eat Healthy


Most weeknights, Tawn and I try to eat dinner at home.  Whatever I cook, it almost always includes a salad with lots of vegetables.  This is our attempt to fill up on veggies, rather than on meats and carbs.  Sometimes, I try for something a little fancier like this steak salad with thin slices of American sirloin, roasted red peppers and onions, and shavings of Parmesan cheese.  Most of the time, though, the salads are a little less ambitious.

Weekday breakfasts are also eat at home meals, usually oatmeal with a combination of dried fruits and nuts, sometimes with a little quinoa, which provides some protein to start my day.  Since I work from home, my lunches are also usually eaten at home, often leftovers from dinner the night before.  From time to time, though, I will step out for lunch, stopping most often at a neighborhood ramen shop for some noodles.

All this weekday eating at home is offset by frequent social events on the weekends, when we end up eating out for most of the meals.  On both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, we had engagements for lunch and dinner.  The odd calculus of this pattern of socializing is that while my wallet gets thinner, my mid-drift gets thicker.


0 thoughts on “Trying to Eat Healthy

  1. I do eat healthy at home – but as you say going out to dinner or events can be a problem. I hope the weekday meals balance off the “outside the house” meals. Thinning wallets seem to be a universal problem.

  2. *sigh* I am on a low cholestrol diet. I am swooning for lack of cheese. Cheese is the elixer of life. I miss my cheese. btw -I discovered that fat free milk is nasty. Hope you can continue to eat health(er).

  3. @murisopsis – Somewhere I had read that the cholestrol in dairy products does not necessarily cause an increase in the cholestrol in the blood.  Don’t know if that is true, but I would certainly like it to be so.@Fatcat723 – @CurryPuffy – Thinning wallets certainly are a widespread phenomenon!@ClimbUpTreesToLookForFish – The short commute being advantage number two!@yang1815 – But that just means more of you for Sugi to love!  LOL@Roadlesstaken – Yeah, steak makes most any salad better.  Ha ha!

  4. I try to eat at home too :)I have a problem with food hoarding, though, which causes me to rack up huge, needless grocery bills ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. i eat breakfast at home almost always, and it is either cold cereal or hot oatmeal. ironically, if i had to buy lunch it’s cheaper for me to do so near my workplace than near my house, so i actually prefer heading in to work and having lunch there (the ability to socialize a bit is nice too). eating out certainly is expensive — but i guess you can say that we are just trying to support the local economy!

  6. Eating out is a killer for a lot of budgets. It’s always interesting to see what others eat when they are at home and not making a 7 course meal. My breakfast are usually cereals, or peanut butter and jam sandwich.

  7. @kunhuo42 –  The local economy thanks you for your efforts, Aaron! =D@ElusiveWords – Over the past few months I’ve managed to gain a few pounds and need to slim down a bit for an upcoming wedding (have to fit comfortably in the suit pants). Have been eating oatmeal-quinoa cereal for two meals a day and having salads for dinner. Thus no entries about extravagant meals! =(

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