Flying to LA on EVA

Tawn and I flew from Bangkok to Los Angeles yesterday, a journey that was about 18 hours gate-to-gate and went pretty smoothly, thanks to the good service of EVA Airways of Taiwan and an upgrade on the transpacific segment to business class. 


In the EVA Airways lounge in Bangkok we had a bite to eat, including this passable pad thai.  Not bad for something that was prepared in advance and was sitting, covered, under the heat lamps.


And ice cream!  Passion fruit and cookies and cream.  That was a nice treat.


Nice view at the gate area at Bangkok Airport in the mid-afternoon sun.


Our flight out of Bangkok was in the premium economy class, which offers about 6 more inches of legroom than regular economy and one fewer seat across the width of the cabin.  Only a little bit more expensive than economy class – and actually similar in price to what US carriers charge for their economy class – and a lot more comfortable.  The food is nicer, too.  This was the dinner served out of B angkok.


Close up of my chicken and rice dish, which was very nice.


Tawn’s seafood and noodles wasn’t very pretty, although it did taste okay.


In Taipei we visited the EVA Airways lounge, which is available to even their “silver” tier fliers, which is a relatively low bar to achieve.  Two flights from Bangkok to the US is pretty much enough to keep that status.  While in the lounge, Tawn tried some of their congee (rice porridge) which he pronounced was quite tasty.


For the Taipei to Los Angeles segment we cashed in some miles to upgrade to business class, which is a nice way to fly.  Considering I’m not at a point in my life where I would ever consider paying for business class, using miles is about the only chance I have!


Appetizer of smoked duck breast, pate served in a plum, and shrimp.


One of the benefits of being in business class on EVA is that you can pre-order dishes from a special menu available online.  That way you know exactly what you will have to eat.  I ordered lamb chops served with mint sauce, gratineed potatoes and mixed veggies.  Tasty.


Tawn’s dish, which he pre-ordered.  A Chinese style sea perch with three types of sticky rice and steamed veggies.  The sauce is made of fermented soybeans.  Tasty.


Fruit plate


Some sort of a cake, served with chopped pistachios.


During the flight, the window shades were closed, lights were dimmed, and in the business class cabin, there are LED “stars” in the ceiling and a cool blue glow.  The idea is that the ceiling lates can gradually change colors to simulate sunset and then sunrise in order to help you adjust your circadian rythm.  However, they change a bit too quickly for that to happen.


Before landing, Tawn enjoyed congee (“jok” or rice porridge) with a variety of condiments.  Compared favorably with the one served in the lounge before the flight.


Made to order latte with a crystal sugar stir stick.  Very nice.


Special ordered “breakfast” shortly before our descent into LA: chicken noodle soup with pickles and side dishes, made by Din Tai Fung restaurant in Taipei.


Coming in over the central coast area of California as the sun’s rays grow long on the hills, about 7:40 pm.


Coming in over west Los Angeles, about ten minutes before landing.  We were a few minutes ahead of schedule but, even then, it still took about two hours to get through immigration and customs.  In any case, we’re here now!


0 thoughts on “Flying to LA on EVA

  1. Looks like a very gastronomical flight!  I like the idea of helping with the circadian rhythm — hope they can perfect that.

  2. I envy you your flight or should I call it banquet. The last time I had food like that on a flight was some 30 years ago when I flew to Hawaii – yepper first class lol.

  3. wow. Last time I flew I got a cookie. Maybe I need to take an international flight… The 3 kinds of sticky rice is intriguing. It all looks better than a cookie. A fake butter cookie. (yes I’m jealous). I hope your visit is a good one!

  4. I’ve always flown EVA and because of my legs, I need the deluxe class. Nice of EVA to have 4 classes, and I’m always impressed by the army of flight attendants that march up to the plane before the flight.You asked about my recommendations for Thai food in LA. The only one I return to is Banana Bay, in Rowland Heights, on Colima and Fullerton Road. There are lots of good Chinese eateries in Rowland too, and across the San Gabriel Valley. Enjoy your stay in LA!

  5. food on asian airlines are always so amazing πŸ™‚ i can’t believe they had ding tai feng make the dishes especially for them though!! spoiled!! :pfor how long will you & tawn be in l.a.?

  6. wow, that is some impressive airplane food. i’m so disappointed that continental has stopped serving in-flight meals in agreement with united’s policies (sometimes they have meals for purchase, but not always, and that’s even for the long 8 hour flights between chicago and hawaii). i don’t like this merger at all…anyway, have fun in la!

  7. 1.The business class food looks so good.2.Tawn is so chic always! I wish I dressed just a quarter as nice as he does!3.I hear people always complaining about LA immigration and customs, the one and only time I was there… it was very quick and the immigration officer was so nice and funny. 4. I should really take a holiday. It’s long overdue.

  8. I am glad you are ‘home’. Great photos. The Emirates also has those LED lights and ‘fake stares to simulate night while flying during the day. Have a great visit with family Chris. Wish you were coming here. Are you coming to KC? If you are and let me know, may be M and I could drive up and see you both? Or, may be you can come back here for some time and allow us to make a do about you.

  9. I’d really kill for that 6 inches of leg room, my legs are far too long for the uncomfortable seats on a plane. They still hurt from my trip!

  10. Those LED lights look interesting. As someone who doesn’t sleep well on planes, I need all the help I can get. Maybe there is a nice attendant who can give me a shoulder rub, scratch my back, make some hot milk for me etc…

  11. The last time I traveled to the USA (San Francisco) I chose EVA Air. But that was a long time ago (1995!!). Time for another visit, I think.

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