Updated Fashion Show Video

Several people told me they are having problems viewing the video I posted of Tawn’s fashion show, receiving a notice that some content is copyright EMI.  I think that is a result of the first song I used, which is by the Pet Shop Boys.  I’ve removed that song and stuck only with the second song.  Let’s see if that works any better.

0 thoughts on “Updated Fashion Show Video

  1. Oh, I didn’t know Tawn is a fashion design student alhough I remember you mentioning you bought Vogue for him from Singapore. Just did not tie the two things together. I like the first outfit the best. Good job, Tawn! Nice and flowy.

  2. Very interesting…..loved it and only wish I could wear fashions like that! Beautiful foods and fashions in these posts, Chris, and a very professional presentation of both….made me hungry for food and new clothes too.

  3. Wow! This is fantastic. Congratulations to Tawn. The models were so beautiful and the dresses so elegant, despite the garden theme with tools and stuff. Loved every outfit and the details. Hope the critics received this in a most positive light.

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