Aloha from Kaua’i

Apologies as we interrupt the regularly scheduled blogging…

Aloha and greetings from Kaua’i, the Garden Isle.  We’re ending our last full day here and have had a lot of fun experiences over the last four days.  Many tales to tell and stories to share including a beautiful beach wedding, some tasty local grinds, and some gorgeous scenery.  Our return itinerary will include an overnight stay in Honolulu as well as two nights in Hong Kong.  Hopefully some additional good stories to share with you from those two stops.

Until then, please enjoy the remaining few days of pre-programmed blogs.  Mahalo!


0 thoughts on “Aloha from Kaua’i

  1. hahaha wow, those brochures are so touristy it hurts.enjoy oahu… if you have time you might enjoy wandering around chinatown, or maybe going out to haleiwa to get some shave ice and see the beaches on the north shore. i’m curious what local kine grinds you sampled!

  2. @alextebow –  The Whalers General Store in the same center as Puka Dog was selling them. Neat, huh?@kunhuo42 – Only a very short overnight in Waikiki, unfortunately. Will have to give Oahu more time on the next trip. Maybe we can coordinate schedules and you can fly there and show me around! =D@Roadlesstaken – Indeed and even have a picture to prove it.

  3. @christao408 –  Neat! I wish I had seen them. I’ve been looking for postcards like that to decorate Tommy’s somewhat-vintage-Hawaiian-themed bedroom. I’ll see if my friend can pick some up when she’s in Kauai again. Thanks!

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