Around Singapore

In the overnight border run I made to Singapore, I had errands to run and friends to see.  There were some interesting sights along the way.  One stop was at an IT mall, to check out some computer and camera component.  There, I saw what appeared to be the largest gathering of Singapore’s next generation of geeks!


Hundreds of students on their laptops, with power strips running every which way.  They were gathered for a competition of radio-controlled race cars.  The next generation will definitely be very wired.


Also made a stop at About Books, an independent bookstore near Tiong Bahru.  Great store with an interesting range of titles as well as many other odds and ends for purchase.


Among the interesting items for purchase were these old cameras.  Beautiful, eh?


After dinner crowd: Nick, Chor Pharn, David, Otto, Edwin, Kelvin, and me.


One thing I’ve noticed over the past few years is that the transit system is actively trying to train Singaporeans to queue up before boarding the trains, letting passengers exit before trying to board.  From what I’ve seen, there’s some success in these efforts.


In one friend’s flat, located in a government housing tract, there were public service announcements on the elevator doors warning elderly residents from those claiming to be fortune tellers. 

“Beware strangers telling fortunes or chasing away bad luck.  Measures: Be careful if someone approaches you to tell your fortune.  Or to get rid of bad luck or evil spirits.  He’s just out to cheat you.  Ignore him and he’ll go away.  Tell your elderly family members not to fall for such tricks.”


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  1. I remember several years going to Singapore. What I remember is whole birds (cleaned) hanging in windows.  Lots of people working in ditches, some were elderly.  Temples and pictures of the deceased in the entry way.  and pirated American cassette tapes really cheap. 

  2. Oh man…geeks galore! Anyway, I recently found out they placed the Merlion in a cage?! (Merlion Hotel) A friend of mine who was there was like “wtf happened to the merlion?”

  3. so true those old Camera with films are quite trendy these days, ….like Singapore, the HK MTR system also running those campaigns like riding the underground with good manner, and no food and drink inside the train; no spitting, no littering inside the station…etc and the government telling people to be aware of those fake fortune teller, something which I’ve learnt when I was a kids, and now they hv to educate the public again, maybe becos of too many new immigrants and tourist who havn’t learnt that before?

  4. Wow. That is pretty wired. I wonder how much all of the electronics in that room was worth.o_O*Love the bookstore.I also have friends who would drool over those cameras. They’re awesome!=D

  5. I find it odd that the metro actually has a poster telling Singaporeans to queue up! They have it in their genes to queue up for anything! I remember having to queue even while waiting for the bus to come.

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