Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow morning at 6:30, Tawn and I will depart Bangkok, en route to Kaua’i to attend my cousin’s wedding.  Our routing is quite interesting, via Hong Kong, Guam, and Honolulu.  More about that on my return. 

Haena Beach_ Kauai_ Hawaii

Lest you worry about a break in the updates, I’m actually so far behind (too many things to write about and not enough days in the month) that I’ve queued up a week’s worth of entries.  And, yes, more food porn is on the way!

Meanwhile, I’ll be gathering more material in the 50th State and, hopefully, meeting a Xangan who has been MIA for nearly a year.

Meanwhile, I leave you with Peter, Paul, and Mary’s lovely rendition of “Leaving on a Jet Plane”.


0 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. I’m with Alex… I hope you get a chance to meet with Michael. And even if he doesn’t ome back to Xanga, at least let us know how he’s doing. He gave us a big scare, and I know a lot of us are still worried about him, and hoping he is okay. =) He inspired me to do more cooking blogs, even though my pictures never turned out like his.Have a great time on Kaua’i. Only slightly jealous…. okay a LOT jealous. Haha. =D~ Cheers

  2. have fun! i wish i could go back to hawaii to visit… =(my parents said it’s been really rainy lately, though, so i hope you have good weather. sorry i can’t recommend places to visit on kauai, i haven’t been there in ages and don’t remember what’s there. if you get time on oahu, though, i can give you some recommendations there.

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