Is the “Share” function missing for you?

In the past week or so, I’ve noticed that the “Share” icon is missing from my entries as well as other Xangans’ entries.  This happens both when I’m signed in as well as when I’m not signed in.  The icon used to be adjacent to the “Recommend” icon.

I’ve posted a topic regarding this on the “Help” page and have also sent a message to John.  I’m curious if you’re able to share entries or are having the same problem

0 thoughts on “Is the “Share” function missing for you?

  1. You are right. Share button is missing. No it’s not the same as email button as you probably know. Email button has been there long before share. hmm..but I think if you really want share button back, you can probably search for a code and put in as custom module. My guess.

  2. Actually, there is a new bar at the end of the page- where the “chat” function is. On the left hand side of the bar, there is an option called ‘Share Page’ and a Facebook ‘Like’ as well and a few other options.

  3. I never shared anything – I just don’t like Facebook or those other social networks… so having it go missing is no big deal to me. Hope you rediscover it soon.

  4. @Dezinerdreams – Aren’t you the smart one?  Thank you for being the answer man!@murisopsis – @Roadlesstaken – @agmhkg – @epiginoskete – @Fongster8 – @Fatcat723 – @notjus4ne1 – @yang1815 – @ElusiveWords – @a_strange_wind_blowing – @awoolham – Well, Vivek saves the day.  I hadn’t noticed this, but the removal of the “Share” button next to the “Recommend” and “Email” icons has been replaced by the “Share Page” button all the way down at the botom of your browser window, as part of the Meebo-powered Xanga chat feature.  You can also “Like” a page, although I don’t see how that is different than recommending it.

  5. @christao408 –  Hehe. You are welcome. Oh, and the difference between “Like” and “Recommend” is that “Like” is a Facebook feature, so when you click that- basically you are telling your friends on Facebook that you like the page… where as, “Recommend” is just a Xanga function, so only your subscribers on Xanga can see it.

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