All Torn Up

Not me, it’s my bathroom that’s all torn up.  After three years of dealing with a shower whose drain is not the lowest point, we finally began work today on a project to remove, regrade, and re-tile the shower and adjacent floor.  Things are kind of a mess.  Pictures and more details coming soon.

0 thoughts on “All Torn Up

  1. i’ve never really known how much we took bathrooms for granted until we had to redo the main one in my house. granted, we had another in the upper level but i remember cringing at the thought of having to take care of business outside of the house if i wasn’t so fortunate =/

  2. is it because of those guys fixing the pool remind you to do this?  I remembered the hazzle of having the upstairs shower floor torn up to fix a leak to the dowstairs.  It was not a present ordeal.   I hope you have  the shower in the “annex” to use for the mean time? 

  3. I’ve been thinking of updating my bathroom. But I only have one in my condo so I have to figure out what to do while they are working on it. Mind you, I’m not even sure what I want to upgrade aside from a better sink, more storage, nicer tiles and water saving toilet.

  4. @The_Eyes_Of_A_Painter –  Yeah, but we might have to call it “This Darn Not-That-Old Condo!” =D@brooklyn2028 – @a_strange_wind_blowing –  Thanks, I’m hoping this is only a three-day project like the handyman promised. We’ll see, though. Stay tuned!@Fatcat723 –  The process of getting to the finished result can be a pain. But if we no longer have to squeegee the water from the corners of the shower each time we use it, it will be worth it!@ElusiveWords –  In that case, having only one bathroom, a remodel would be especially challenging.@stevew918 –  It wasn’t the pool work that prompted it, although it did serve as a big visual reminder. It was more the fact that the paint on the exterior wall is bubbling, probably from moisture that has seeped through from the shower. I pestered Tawn so he would pester the handyman. Yes, we’re using the facilities in the Annex, so that isn’t that bad.@ThePrince –  The convenience of having a bathroom so handy is never appreciated until you don’t have one so handy anymore!

  5. How does the water get out if the drain isn’t at the lowest level? I always hate stagnent pooling water at the bottom of the shower, particularly because it’s always full of the dirty bits and stuff. =/ Goodluck with the construction work!

  6. @AzureRecollections – Squeegee + old towel.@murisopsis – Cost is no object!  Well, at least not to the extent that getting it done correctly is more important.  Tawn, the handyman, and I conferred this morning before they start laying the cement.  One thing I know for sure: I don’t know nearly enough Thai to have (and understand) that conversation.

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