Beautiful Sunset

This afternoon I had to go to a photo shoot.  I’ve been invited to publish some of my entries from this blog on another site, one that is Thailand-specific.  To keep a consistent look and feel, the editor asked me to stop by the office and have their photographer shoot a new head shot for my profile.  No worries – I’m not going anywhere, just broadening my audience.


On the way home, I noticed that we were in for a gorgeous sunset.  The weather has been cool thanks to a system dropping in from China and the breeze, which had been strong the past few days, was very calm today leading to hazy but cloud-free skies.  I stopped by Benjakiti Park next to Queen Sirikit Convention Center and shot this picture.  It was a beautiful sunset.


0 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunset

  1. great shot! i love watching the sun set, especially over the water (or in this case, you get a great reflection across the water). congrats on being published!

  2. I wish I could say “I knew Chris when he only had a dozen subscribers.” But you had a large following already when I started to subscribe to you. I hope things go well with the other site. It sounds like a good idea.

  3. That’s awesome news man! Mad propz on broadening your audience. Maybe one day I can do that too. xD Also, tell me that shot was using a wide angle lense…. =)

  4. Great shot ! It is said that many look out upon nature and actually never have the sensitivity to capture what beauty is truly unfolding before their eyes. These people who have the eyes to see are gifted. Because like a painter, they can capture the true essense of  nature and transpose it onto the canvas of life.May you continue to fulfill your art of picture taking and may it open our eyes to the beauty of nature.

  5. @bengozen – It was shot with a Panasonic Lumix LX3, a point and shoot with a 24mm Leica lens.  It is a wide angle shot in a 16:9 aspect ration at 10 megapixels, but the picture you see posted is actually significantly cropped from the original and I’ve changed the ratio to give it an even wider angle look.  I’ve uploaded the original here so you can take a look at it for comparison purposes.  I’ll keep this photo up for a few days then take it down after you’ve looked at it.@The_Eyes_Of_A_Painter – That’s a really beautiful way to put it.  There are a lot of people on Xanga who have quite an eye for the beauty in the world and do a nice job capturing and sharing that beauty with the rest of us.@ElusiveWords – Oh, Matt, you were there are the very beginning.  You and your red sailboat.  =D@Shining_Garnet – @gottobereal64 – @Fatcat723 – @everyday_yogi – @CareyGLY – Thank you.  I’m glad you liked the shot.  I drove by this park a few weeks ago when the sky was similarly hazy.  Couldn’t capture the shot then because I was driving – safety first! – so made a mental note to return to the park when conditions repeated themselves.@onmovement – @Wangium – I’ll be published at, which is a lifestyle blog run by a pair of former columnists at The Nation, one of Bangkok’s two English language newspapers.@yang1815 – I offered to let them use my current profile photo but they want to keep a consistent look and feel so had their photographer shoot me.@icepearlz – @ordinarybutloud – @nov_way – Thank you.  From the numbers I know, my Xanga site has much larger readership than the site I’m being cross-published at.  But I figure that since I’ve written the articles anyway, why not get more mileage out of them?

  6. i think you did a magnificent job editing it. the original is lovely though. although i do agree with your decision to enhance the wide angle perception. =)

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