Wi-Fi at 35,000 Feet

I’ve been flying for 22 hours, first from Bangkok to Tokyo and then after a two-hour layover in Tokyo, onwards to Seattle.    On both flights I had an aisle seat in economy with an empty seat next to me.  Having that extra empty seat was nice as it gave me the shoulder and arm room to be comfortable.  All in all, Delta’s economy class product on its A330 (formerly a Northwest Airlines plane) is pretty good.

Seattle proved to be an enormously convenient first point-of-entry into the US.  As the only international flight at the time, clearing immigration and customs was a piece of cake and I was curbside thirty minutes after we pulled into the gate.

With a three-hour layover in Seattle, a friend of mine from SF International Asian American Film Festival days met me for breakfast at a restaurant across the street from the terminal.  Nice to catch up with her and she had a little gift for me, which I’ll write about later.

On the way to my gate, I ran into a colleague who is flying in from Canada, on the way to Houston for the same meeting I’m attending.  We’ve never actually met in person before, but he recognized my picture.  I guess I’m well-publicized!

Right now I’m enjoying free wi-fi aboard the Alaska Airlines from to Houston, courtesy of Honda.  Please go buy a Honda so they can afford to give out more free wi-fi.  Ha ha…


0 thoughts on “Wi-Fi at 35,000 Feet

  1. i have a honda! that’s awesome that you got wifi on the plane. i was on a wifi-capable plane on my last trip… except they had the wifi disabled for some reason.

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