0 thoughts on “United 85th Anniversary Retro Jet

  1. i don’t like united… i’m really sad that they merged with continental, because i feel like continental is now becoming more like united. on my most recent flight, they stopped meal service in the cabin (you have to pay for food now, just like united) and there are no movies being shown (you have to pay to watch pre-recorded tv since we fly out of the range of the live direct tv option).

  2. @kunhuo42 – No doubt that the service levels will find a crappy middle ground instead of going with CO’s better service.  However, I think the Economy Plus product will be expanded to both fleets, which is an improvement.  Leg room is a nice thing.

  3. I wish they would do them all, and add in several more Continental retro logos also. While we are at it. paint some jets with the other ancestors too- Capital, Frontier, Texas International New York Air, People Express.

  4. I would have to vote for #2 although #5 has many memories since that is the paint job I remember as I spent many an hours standing by for United flights. I can remember when they introduced the battleship gray livery and how excited we were when we arrived at an airport to see how many planes had been converted to the new livery. Interesting memories!

  5. @mjmurphy100 – There was a Continental logo jet a few years ago to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the airline.  Here’s the link to a nice picture of it.  I agree that it would be nice if the new combined company did something similar to US Airways and do paint schemes to commemorate the various companies that have become part of UA-CO over the years, including Texas International.

  6. @oldpartner – @AppsScraps – @ZSA_MD – @ThePrince – @murisopsis – @alextebow – @ungrandvoyage – @RakkaRay – @Fatcat723 – @sassyjessie – @Roadlesstaken – @puella_sapiens216 – @yang1815 – @slmret – Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion.  The winner by a wide margin was the oldest livery, #1.  My personal favorite was #4, the “Friend Ship” livery from the 1970s.The best idea came from mjmurphy100 who suggested that they do them all. US Airways did something like this a few years ago, doing retro liveries for each of the companies that had become a part of US Airways ofter the years, including Piedmont, Allegheny, and PSA.

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