The 40th Party

Just a quick photo entry.  Not too many words.  Tawn and I joined a small group of friends at Soul Food Mahanakorn for dinner to celebrate my birthday.  The food (Thai) was very good as usual and other than the oddity of being served sparkling wine in regular wine glasses (which the owner caught and corrected), everything was very enjoyable.  It rained heavily during dinner, the first rain in a few weeks.  Afterwards, the evening air was cool and relaxing.


From the left: Doug, Tae, Tawn, Tod, Matt, Suchai, Ken, and me.  We are missing Doug’s girlfriend Bee, who arrived late from work.


Suchai and Ken goof around for the camera.


The T-Team: Tae, Tawn, and Tod.


Slicing my own birthday cake.  How come I’m doing all the work?


Chocolate raspberry torte.  Made it myself and will write more about it tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


0 thoughts on “The 40th Party

  1. @kunhuo42 – @puella_sapiens216 – Chocolate and raspberry is just one of those really good flavor combinations.  You would think that cacao plants and raspberry bushes would grow next to each other in the jungles.  Unfortunately, that is not the case…@TheCheshireGrins – @yang1815 – @Fatcat723 – It was a very fun celebration.@agmhkg – @venice – @stevew918 – The cake was tasty but I have to say that I’m generally not a cake person and these flourless cakes are really dense.  Will write a bit more about it tomorrow.

  2. @Passionflwr86 – @ZSA_MD – @gasdoc73 – @Toro69 – Thanks for the birthday wishes and compliments everyone!  Wish you could have been here to join in the celebration.@Diva_Jyoti – You know, while it isn’t perfect, I do realize that I enjoy many blessings in this life and I try to be very appreciative of that.  Thanks for your comment.@lil_squirrel4ever – @M_1 – Ha ha – such sweet words.  Actually, on the first picture in the post, everyone on the right side of the table is 40 or older and everyone on the left is in their 30s still.  Although two of them are just a year away.  Can you guess which two?@ElusiveWords – Biased towards or against my cake?@murisopsis – The friends really are what made the celebration, as is always the case.@RakkaRay – Yeah, I realize that in the grand scale of life (going to my grandparents’ 90th birthdays this past summer, for example), 40 is very young.  Age has never held a lot of meaning for me but somewhere in the back of my mind, I never thought I would live until 40 so it was kind of a pleasant surprise to be here.@onmovement – Indeed they are.  Now if we had just had the new Locus album to play on the stereo…

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