Flying Home

Ignore for a moment that this entry is being posted a week and a day after I actually flew back from Hong Kong to Bangkok!  One of the best things about visiting Hong Kong is the airport.  It is one of the finest airports in the world, user friendly, beautifully designed, lots of light, easy to watch airplanes from around the globe, etc.


This view of the main concourse, taken from the second-floor food court area just beyond immigration and security, is such the antithesis of Bangkok’s dark, depressing terminal.


Interesting planes from all around.  I can’t think of the last time I saw a Saudi Arabian Boeing 747.


My flight, an Air Asia Airbus A320, pulls into the gate.  Surprisingly, the Bangkok-Hong Kong ticket on Air Asia was only 4100 baht (about US$130) all inclusive, round-trip.  Normally, Hong Kong is one of their more expensive destinations.


Buy-on-board chicken satay.  Compare what it looks like in real life with the image in the menu, below.

Air Asia Satay 

I’d like to complain to someone about the lack of truth in advertising!

Anyhow, I’m back in Bangkok now, the US midterm elections are today, my San Francisco Giants just won the Baseball World Series for the first time since 1954, and I’m finished writing about  Hong Kong for the time being.


0 thoughts on “Flying Home

  1. oh nice! a san franciscoan =) i just got off the phone with one of my friends from the city. she was quite happy. congrats on the WS championship. oh, and i hhhhhhhhaaate it when the advertisement doesn’t look like the product. if you ask me, that’s what Hell is. LOL

  2. @Roadlesstaken –  It was pretty blah, actually. The chicken didn’t have a lot of flavor and in the sauce container the oil had separated and there was no good way to mix it back up. Funny thing, though: the skewers were blunt (for safety?) and it must have been a pain to skewer all the pieces of chicken with a blunt stick!@fortheloveofblogging –  @Fatcat723 –  @icapillas –  Not that I expected miracles but I was surprised that the container didn’t have some slices of onions and cucumbers or something as a condiment to decorate it.@agmhkg –  Nothing advertised about beauty or aging should be believed. I get disturbed that Thai gov’t allows companies to advertise products with the claim that they stop aging. Physically impossible!@ThePrince –  Born and raised by the Bay. A total of about 31 of my years were spent there.@yang1815 –  Woot!

  3. food in advertising and menus is rarely real or edible… and sometimes not even the descriptions are correct! sadly, sometimes it’s more about being able to sell the product than actually having a good product.

  4. @kunhuo42 –  Interesting, similar to another show I watched. I guess my initial point was that the food is “real” in terms of it not being something made from plastic or a dollop of facial cream instead of mayonnaise. After all they’ve done to it, though, I don’t think I’d want to eat it anymore.

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